Not very thought-provoking thoughts... again.

Today I am trying out something new! If you didn't already know, I am almost done with school! I just have to go complete ONE exam (darn stomach flu last year) and I'll be officially done! I'm not going to even SIT on my bed until I am done doing everything I need to.

On top of the world haha. More on this soon!
Today (ugh, I just used this word two sentences ago), I was at the petrol kiosk and I saw the shelves of coffee and Red Bull. Ugh. Those were my lifelines for three years. I don't even fancy them that much. Now that I'm here, I don't know how I got through all that. I mean, going to school 2 or 3 nights a week, and completing assignments and sitting for exams? Oh, but I made it. YAY ME. Hahaha.

My point is, these days, I don't need to hit the books after dinner, so I usually lie down to "rest my eyes" or "take a quick snooze". And then I'll wake up at 1am and realise my "quick snooze" became "a really long power nap". And then I'll get so angry for wasting time. I could have been doing something more meaningful.

Oh yay it's 10.30pm and I haven't "snoozed"! This is a habit I really ought to kick. And I think I'll go clear my desktop. It's filled with so many icons now that I bet there's only space for less than 10 new files/folders. Tata!

And I'm gonna put up a pic just for the sake of putting up a pic. Here's my new Facebook Cover Photo! I wanted to add a lens flare but decided not to ha. So you know the sun in the pic is 100% natural.

And I know nobody cares, but I'll still say it. Y'all know how I got this pic? I was walking and saw that it had potential, so I stopped and dug out my phone to take it. Yup that's all. No special reason or life-changing story behind it.

A learning point, maybe. Out of the 1001 times I've walked along this stretch, this is the only time I noticed that the landscape is actually quite pretty. We all take our surroundings for granted (especially when they're ALWAYS there) . If you only stop looking at your phones while walking (and blocking my path while walking slowly zig-zag and ultimately testing my patience), you'll see beauty everywhere. Then you can stop complaining incessantly about how boring Singapore is. If you make the effort, there'll ALWAYS be something worth looking at.

There you go. Hopefully, this non-bimbotic input overwrites the preceding paragraph. You know, I'm not as dumb as people think. But it's okay. Those who matter, know better (oh hey they rhyme!). And someday when I win a Pulitzer-equivalent award, a lot of people will lose their jaws. And then I will collect them all as payback for the 20+ years of injustice. 为自己讨回一个公道HMPH hahaha. 

Okay, now that last sentence sounded shallow, I'm sorry. :D

Woohoo! Monday's a public holiday! HELLLOOOOO long weekend! :)


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