I promised myself I won't let anybody make me unhappy or irritated, because once I allow it to happen, it's gonna be never-ending and horrible. 

Blah. Too many good things in life to look forward to anyway. 

Oh hi I have Bug Eyes. And Overkill is on purpose, in case you are wondering. AND WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF? 

And I just had to post this. Sure my lower tummy is sticking out quite a bit but hey I don't think I look that bad. And I should dress young-ish while I still can! I'm so lazy that I'll almost definitely need to buy clothes in larger sizes when I'm 40++. You know, lower metabolism rates and all. DRESSES AND SKIRTS FTW.  FTW FTW FTW FTW FTW FTW FTW FTW okay now I'm just being annoying. 

Ootd-ing is fun! Especially when you only get to wear them at home =.= . Coz I don't wanna showcase my flab. And now that I've come to terms with the fact that 99% of the female population don't have perfect bodies, I think I should wear it out lah hor. 

One more okay? Then I go clean my mirror. Paiseh ah hahhahaha.

I keep dressing like this nowadays. Blah. Blah fuahaha blah. I may complain a lot but I AM NOT AS SHAPELESS AS OUTFITS LIKE THIS MAKE ME OUT TO BE. 

Then again, obsessing (Note: "obsessed" and "concerned" are totally different) over trival matters like this is another... sorry thing I hope to eliminate from my life. It's so... pointless,  unless you are Calvin Klein or Donatella Versace - my point being they make their living from thinking about clothes just about all the time. And I am meant for greater things! 

Like... Eating yummy food with my favourite people.

Nomnomnom it was 50% Off Day. :D 

This one obviously was with the folks - and I don't usually eat prawns but this is soooooo good. 

When you see pics with Too Much Food, you know it's the Horrible Greedy Duo With Eyes Bigger Than Stomachs - April & Shu. Last time we Geh Kiang order dessert together with Jumbo Meal until super confident. (we should have decided on desert halfway through the main course)  And ended up shamefacedly asking them to cancel our order. Hahhaha. never even finish main course :( 

And before you get all worked up - we learnt our lesson and never wasted food again (there I go, explaining myself again). 

This one I look after 4 hours of walking! 

Omg I loveeee Skinny Pizza. And ditto the prawns. 

Nothing more satisfying than a oozy oozy chocolate lava cake. Which I took after the Skinny Pizza Feast btw. And then halfway through I got a tummy upset #ideservedit BUT I GOT FINISH HOR I NEVER WASTE

Waited almost an hour for this and that was the restaurant with the shortest queue already =.= 

The day after my brutal exams (just found out I passed btw) 


Tiny expensive burgers which don't come with sides. But super delicioussssss!

There's always space for dessert.

And this needs no explanation. 

Sushi Tei's Salmon Mentai is to-die-for yummehhhh. We ordered the small one first then after that I buay tahan coz super shiooooook so we ordered the big one. Tell you the story about how I discovered this another day - very funny one!!! 

Yup this is pretty much my life ever since my last post! I really need to catch up with the friends I got to know through the blogosphere too. Furree and Tyler in particular. And Fiona too cos she remembers little ol' me. Ha. I feel like a prick for being MIA for so long :(

Very quick snap just a split second before the doors opened! Imagine if I was just a SECOND slower.

Today, I attended a press conference, it was so exciting! I have never been on the receiving end before! :D My badge said "PRESS"! Super huge deal for me cos I used to be the one printing those badges and I'd be sooooooo envious. And everybody looked so smart (both intellectually and visually) on the first day so I wore a blazer to Grace The Event on the second day Lol lol. Super boliao.
And it was a fruitful trip! Oh and I saw the CNBC booth! *starry eyes* I love interviewing people!!! Too bad ah my face too big to fit into one frame lol. Can you imagine if I am ever a newscaster then i will be the famous one with a moniker like HALF FACE SHU. Then I'll pretend I wanna be mysterious just like Sia, but actually it's coz my face too big BAHHH. And I'm super NOT TELEGENIC. But just to be safe - lemme decide on which is my better side :P
Please bear with me as I voice one more gripe about clothes. It's really not my fault that I wear A-line or Skater Skirts. I'd love to wear pencil skirts. JUST THAT I CAN'T BOO HOO (on second thought - scratch the boohoo - it's not a sad thing.)
The truth is that my body shape doesn't allow the waistband to go pass my butt, ok? I've wrecked a skirt trying to squeeze into it before, OF COURSE I KNOW. That resounding snap that reverberated throughout the room was unforgettable. Oh eeww I am exaggerating - nasty habit. And that's not counting the other time my pants split (like HELLO sudden gust of wind) And I think it'd burst if I were to bend/sit down. Hahaha. 

Oh there I go again, obsessing over the little things in life. Really, I can't let this get the better of me.

Oh hey I found photos of myself with short hair! I wanna cut my hair short again! :D 

Oh bought a new dress but now I think I don't dare to wear hahaha :P I'm still contemplating if I should get the black one - but by the time I come to a decision I think it'll be sold out. OR MAYBE IT WILL BE ON SALE HAHAHAHA. 看着办吧。

Was trying to suck my tummy in lol. Next time I won't breathe in too much. 

Four years ago 我没有肚腩的!And i still complained about flab *tries to punch myself* Age is catching up with me :( 


Catalina Blue said…
Cute dresses and yummy food *___*

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