Omg I just deleted a post! I got a bit irritated at somebody this week so I wrote about it to drop a hint because that's how we roll (HAHAHA).

And then today I realised I was kinda cryptic and The Person In Question could be just about anyone and people I'm not talking about will think I'm talking about them.

Then again if you think I might be talking about you, I'm probably - wait, definitely not. You know why? Because pain in the behinds usually don't think they are pain in the behinds. They don't have any self-awareness that's why they become bigger and bigger pains and maybe one day somebody will punch them. These days, pain in the behinds don't bother me much because I have too much too look forward to! :) 

Ok that's all. Hahaha. 

And also SHOOT. I got angry/irritated. I never let myself get angry or irritated these days because bad luck usually follows. In a Series Of Unfortunate Events. Blah. 

All I know is, I never want to be miserable again. And that isn't possible, but heaven knows I can't handle another rough patch so soon. So yep BAD LUCK AVOIDANCE MODE ON.

Also, I just wrote a letter to myself
about the kind of person I never want to be. And then I'll look at it every year to make sure that I don't become that kind of person. Not as in character, more of.... mindset and outlook I guess? Self-praise but sounds like a good idea, hor? You should try it!! :D 


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