Networking and happy people are awesome!


 Third and fourth pictures explain my blog name. No, actually I thought of some new names:

But I was genuinely laughing - that's why I like these pics soooooo much. And the last one's because I look like I have very defined muscles lol lol.

The past week's aura has given off nothing but negative vibes =.= and I was so depressed yesterday (and for no particular reason) even though I really shouldn't have been. 

Yesterday, I attended a networking session. Was quite nervous about it initially, but wheeeheee it actually turned out to be fun! Never saw that coming, did you? :P 

It turns out that you don't really have to grow thick skin to network. People are there SPECIFICALLY to discuss and explore opportunities. You actually have to have to be thickskinned to NOT mingle. Hahahaha. Oh my god I never thought I'd say this, but it's so fun to meet new people and I wish I can do that every day!! 

Okay maybe not every day. Just more often. And under manageable expectations and pressure. Haha :) 

I think I might have sank halfway into The Abyss of Despair this week, but really. Since when has the Invincible Shu ever been down for long? I ALWAYS bounce back eventually (though there was one period late last year I really thought was the end, lol *drama princess alert*) 

Shot back up LIKE A CANNONBALL. :D 

It's so wonderful to meet upbeat people! We are the driving force of society HAHAHA. Positive outlooks in life FTW! :D 

I hope this is the time where somebody up there is looking down and talking about me, like "See? Everything falls into place eventually. I TOLD YOU SO!"

Ohhhh I soooooo hope that's the case.


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