A few new thoughts

Some random thoughts at 2am

1) I'm spending so much time and effort trying to pass this totally pointless module and I may not even succeed.

2) I overheard some people (and I don't even know where and from whom) talking about which S$10,000 watch to get. Then I thought of how I walked away from a $15 Japanese snack and also how I waited for chocolate Easter Eggs' prices to go down and somehow, in my state of dammit-I-will-never-graduate-i-am-actually-quite-depressed mind, I think I am quite pathetic. Haha. Like, if I had a higher IQ, I would be all OH HEY $15 chocolate WHY NOT? Then I can
buy nice things too! The assumption being people with higher IQs get better pay because of what their brilliant minds can contribute to the world. 
Btw the point is not the watch. I'll never get a branded watch even if I'm a millionaire, the point is - wait why do I always feel like I have to explain myself? 

3) Nobody will ever feel like drawing a picture of me. HAHA I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE THAT CAME FROM. 

4) Julian Stevenson from Beauty and the Geek is really cute. 

5) I should really get (my mediocre mind) back to stupid statistics and formulas now.

6) Saw a nice dress online but I don't shop online!!! It's so sweet and princesses hahaha and (most importantly) it has sleeves!!! I love sleeves!

7) One day I will be a reality TV star and my show will centre around me trying to find a talent. I must be good at something, right? *flex arm emoticon* 

Anyway, here's an update on my fringe! It's growing quite fast, yay! 


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