Won't get me down!!!

Today I was rude and unhelpful so bad things happened to me. Arghhh. Just minor ones thank goodness and I am going SEE IT AS A GOOD THING! I will see it as a reminder to keep my emotions in check! Every time I am unhelpful or a bit rude, something bad will happen to me Bleah.

This morning, a girl fainted at the train station. I saw quite a few people moving forward to help her so I didn't. Firstly because it wouldn't do her any good to have so many people crowding over her, and second... Knowing me, I'd probably screw something up and do her more harm. And then I felt guilty but I still don't know what I could have done to help her.

And then I started being pissed at my boring outfit. Then I got angry at myself got being so shallow. 

And THEN (wow I really let myself go today- I haven't allowed myself to angry AT ALL this year) I started complaining about Dirty Old Men.  As ##^**$¥ as they are, I shouldn't have bad mouthed them damn. That is poison to my soul. Then again, I can't think about anything nice to say so I'll just... Pity them? 

So today:
The button on my pants came off.
I failed to close my water bottle cap tightly enough
I bought a box of biscuits that look oh-so-divine but taste so anything-but-divine.

Its like déjà vu. 

Rawrrrr. I CANNOT LET THINGS GO DOWNHILL. THEY CANNOT GO DOWNHILL. This is not a start. I will never allow let ANY START to take place. I WILL NEVER BE MISERABLE AGAIN. 

 *flex arm emoticon*  


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