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Hello, again! It's been some time since I updated this space but I've been busy! And this time, I really do mean busy busy, and not busy lazing around. Though I think I can do better.

Sooooo.... here're some updates! Mostly about new realisations.

Singapore has been ranked world's most expensive city.

Oh hey YAYYY we are NUMBER ONE!! :D
And on the other hand... I'll have to retire at 80 years old!! D:

Some people aren't worth it
Some people only talk to you when they need help. Some people only look you up when they're down. Like how "hey wanna meet for lunch?' usually translates to "I need to tell you about a problem I've been having and then I need you to offer to help me like you always do". Or when they have nobody else to turn to.

Sometimes when these happen, you want to do something not-so-nice back. But that'd only make you feel worse, and who needs those negativity in their lives? I've learnt to ignore it all (while not being a silly pushover/doormat, of course) and just move along. Be nice back, be firm, you'll know what to do - depending on the situation.

Don't really have the time and energy to mull over this because I have too much going on in my life. And need to enjoy it while everything is fine and dandy. Hahahaha. PLEASE LET THIS LAST LONGER.

I look unwell without makeup (edit: to people who're used to seeing me with makeup on)
So you know, I've been working here for more than 3 months, and I'm starting to feel comfortable. Comfortable enough to go to work sans makeup (well, just basic foundation) when I'm feeling tired/lazy. No more DIE-DIE-MUST-DRAG-MYSELF-UP-AND-DO-MAKEUP mode! And then my colleague asked me if I was feeling okay. Hahaha.

Speaking of my job....
I kind of forgot how much I wanted this. Like really, really wanted it. And I was quite dramatic about it. Haha. Like "If they don't want me then nobody will boo hoo booooo!" and "it's either this or NOTHING!!!"

And then I was talking to my ex-colleague and she's in the same situation now. HA. She go interview machiam I ownself go interview coz I was soooooooo excited. And because she's so nice, I wish her the best. :D

And maybe also because she said "you always so supportive one leh". HAHA.

I have some kiasu friends

I had one who told me "I will arrange your bridesmaid dress" (instead of "hey do you wanna be my bridesmaid?) early last year. And two "when I get married you must be my bridesmaid hor". Tsk. Some people... never think of ASKING hor? Hahahaha.

Just like how my friend April showed me a photo and suddenly said "你没有like 我的照片 hor?

And how I made Yvonne check if she was following me on Instagram. Hahaha.

(And if you don't get the joke, it either means you don't have a sense of humour, or don't have friends you can joke/banter/bicker with.)

I hope they don't regret it because they might have to spend more effort/time on a bridesmaid dress for me instead of their own dresses. HAHA.




Okay I'm gonna go sleep now and wake up tomorrow to finish my assignment and study! I HAVE TO PASS THIS DATA ANALYSIS MODULE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!


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