When you sense that things are going downhill

Do not fret.

Imagine yourself on a hill with a ball. You drop the ball. Laws of gravity, it starts to roll downhill. But no, don't let it reach the bottom. Go get the ball. Catch up with it, pick it up, and walk back uphill.
If you sense something amiss, you must have at least some idea why, because something must have had happened to make you feel that way. Either that or you're an oversensitive soul, but I doubt that, because most of the time, instincts are right. I used to make the mistake of moping. But face it. Long-term moping is stupid, not to mention useless. You're just letting the ball hit the bottom and who knows what's there, quicksand?

You already have a SENSE of what's going to happen, so make it right. Don't let it escalate. Right now I feel a sense of foreboding. As much as it scares me, I'm asking myself why. There are a few reasons, and you know what? One by one, they can be solved. Not that difficult to conquer.

Actually, this crap is just a message to myself. Lol. Not going to let this get the better of me because no more "Sian.. I wonder what is in store for me tomorrow".

Tomorrow will be a good day. It HAS to be a good day. Because if I believe it will be a bad day, chances are, no matter how good it is, I'll see it as a bad day.


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