I am such a Pretender. HAHA.

I KNOW there is no such word. Maybe I should put in a disclaimer somewhere that what I write here is not a reflexion of my professional writing capabilities. Well, I'd use the word "poseur", but that has different meanings to different people! 

Oooh you know what! No Monday blues today because I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK TODAY! Not that there were Monday Blues originally. Haha.

Which is why I'm going to do something silly. Which again, doesn't reflect how I'm like professionally. Lol lol. I sound like a broken record. But it's like, I'm getting older and I need to act my age. But it's supposed to be a beautiful, gradual process, okay? HAHAHA. 

So here's the mandatory collage. And the hole in my hair was ridiculous that day. On 初一. *frustrated snarl*

Anyway, because it was a loooong weekend and most shops weren't open, I had nothing better to do at home. And then I saw a girl on Instagram taking a photo of herself while lying on her tummy. Okay looks good. Looks easy too. 

LOOKS is the word. My back was killing me by the time I ... Well it seemed like centuries. Haha. And this is the only good pic I managed to take.

I tell you, "oh I am having the time of my life lazing around" shots like this are fake. FAKE! :$

Or maybe it's just me. Well here are some of my other attempts before I gave up! 


And this is me responding to my dad saying "Eh you siao ah!"

Suffice to say, I will never take pics like this, ever. It's too taxing on my back and neck- not sure if it's phantom but I'm still feeling the strain. Okay I sound like I'm aging real quick. 

Okay goodnight! I am going to rest my sore, aching bones. After taking some Calcium and Glucosamine. Oh life. 

Oh and here's the takeaway of the day. NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS. 

Except these. These better be true:

Ooh, Maroon 5 is playing on radio again. Time for a private concert with my hairbrush, AND THEN goodnight for real! XD


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