OMG so many things have happened this week, but as usual, I ain't gonna let myself be too happy about it because whenever I am, something bad happens. HA I KNOW HOW YOU WORK. But it's okay. I'll savour everything and treasure the memories. Lol. Until I wake up, maybe. I still think I may be in a coma or something in real life, and I'm in some medically induced dream now (mercifully administered because I was such a wreck) Sigh.

Speaking of dreams, all I dreamt about last night was that I had exams today, and I haven't even touched my books because the semester hasn't even started. The dream got me exhausted and in my semi-conscious state, I ended up hitting the "stop" instead of "snooze" button. But I somehow managed to wake up, just 20 minutes late. Thank goodness! Luck, please last longer :D

And I AM GOING TO BORE YOU WITH MY HAIR AGAIN. The HOLE is back arghhhh and only April understands what I mean because we always go "MY HAIR GOT HOLE BOOHOO" together. Hahaha. I have one soul mate lol lol.
And I've given up trying to explain the "hole-in-the-hair" theory so if you figure it out, then you figure it out. If not then too bad. Hahaha.

And here I go again.... I MISS MY LONG HAIRRRRR.
Sorry for the expression hahaha (like you've never done anything stupid when you were younger) but these pics are so similar in other ways that I just had to post a comparison!

Oh, yesterday I was in the lift with two little kids and their grandma, and one of the little kiddies told me "再见美丽的姐姐!" (Goodbye pretty big sister!) HAHAHA SO CUTE.  那么小嘴吧就那么甜. I'm sorry he had to lie for my sake please don't penalise an adorable 3-year old for a white lie hahaha.

Okay have a fab weekend y'all!
And this is why I usually take photos at this angle. No More Hole.

Love, from the most ordinary girl in the whole wide world - no matter how much she tries to be just a little special.


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