Should people be nice?

Hello I am a philosopher today. HAHA. You know, since a few years ago,I firmly believed that "nice" is a synonym for "pushover", and you're pretty much screwed for life.

Which is why don't allow bitchiness from myself, but I don't go all out to be nice either. But then I just read this lady's blog and then OMG I AM BORING YOU AREN'T I. 

Got this off Facebook. Funny thing is, as true as this is, you'll only believe in it after the storm has passed so... Hang in there! :)

Anyway, all you need to remember is that I am not a very nice person anymore so you can't bully me and it's almost impossible to detect my weaknesses and absolutely impossible to use my weaknesses against me lah. Hahaha. And I've since mastered The Art of Deflection, so when it comes to how much I want people to know about me, I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO PULLS THE STRINGS. The rest of you...Hi, my name is Shushu and I am afraid of giant flying cockroaches and that is my only weakness, it's nice to meet you too! :D

Okay that's all.

Oh did you know some people eat mangos with dark soy sauce? I had no idea until last Friday! 

Oh I am still waiting (if you've ever watched the Matrix) for Morpheus (oh hey autocorrect recognises his name!) to tell me "NOTHING IS REAL". Then, take the blue pill, I will! 

Oh and have you ever wondered, why some people find happiness and fufillment so early in life, and some of us have to take so many detours and fall into so many holes (thankfully not bottomless pits) along the way? 

I told you I am a philosopher today. Hahaha. Okay bye! 

Oh, and I don't care if I have to watch it alone, but I wanna watch One Chance because I love stories of how underdogs triumph despite the odds! :D 


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