In class!

OMG I am in class now and I'm feeling kinda sad because it's the last module that I'll need to attend a lecture for! :(

What a nerd, you must be thinking. HAHAHA. But really. I'll miss school. Somehow. But not the research modules and the mad rush at the bus stop! Oh god the bus stop. Okay maybe I don't miss school that much after all. Won't miss being in a half-asleep mode in class either. Hahaha.

I'll miss the library, the random people I talk to. I'll miss listening to my tutors. Tthe food at school. And I miss feeling so pretty darn cool for going to work and then rushing to school and rushing home and friends asking "why aren't you tired?" 

Oh man it's the first lesson today and this tutor (one of my favourites) always does this "self-introduction" thing! Then again, surprisingly, I don't feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack soon. YAY ME!! :D 

My lunch!! Double beef patty (yep i upgraded hahaha) on a already  larger-than-normal burger and I ordered an extra side of chicken drumlets. I am horrible. Hahaha nah. I left half the burger for my pre-class dinner. Even though yes, I was fully capable of polishing the entire meal. Hahaha. 

Sometimes I like to be alone (that's just me, okay) and today, I thought I was gonna have a nice time eating and enjoying my own company.... Let me complain on this social platform too.

But he kept going. Grrrrr. 

Today's a lazier-than-usual makeup day because I want go to bed as soon as possible when I get home. Every second counts, you know? Especially when I take at least 20 minutes to dry my hair! 

Lol lol lol I was prepping my phone for selfie-time and then my classmate said something funny. OUT OF THE BLUE.

This is already considered a good shot (which is why I dare to upload it). #datnose Now you know why I don't laugh much.

Actually, when feel a laugh coming, I either turn away, or spriiiint to the bathroom to laugh my guts out. Hahahaha. 

Don't know how some people manage to laugh so daintily. I look like I'm in spasm. Sometimes I even snort.  Fortunately, only occasionally. Hahahaha.  *SNORT*


I am so desirable. 


Furree Katt said…
DUUUUDE I snort while laughing too! But I've embraced it lol. People around me find it super hilarious.

You're so pretty *_*

And I'm hungry after looking at your food picccc!
ShuShu said…
It's GREATTTTT to know I'm not alone! I don't know why some people have such dainty laughs ahhhhhh.

And you're always so nice!!!

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