Gonna sleep at 9.30pm!

Hello. Shall we make this "Hello" greeting and same pose/same angle photo a mandatory prelude to every blog post? Oh well who am I asking anyway. Myself? Because I'll say yes to anything I ask myself. Haha. Okay I don't make sense.

It's only 9.30pm and I'm so tired! But it's a good kind of tired. Like some adrenaline rush thing. So busy at work today that I think I fell into the deeper of the deep REM sleep on the bus just now! 
Bahhhh. The dreams are about to come, no doubt. But I like this kind of speed, somehow. And the feeling of self-satisfaction when I multi-task successfully. I don't have the energy to explain it now, hahaha.

Here's the aftermath of a busy day. Before & After HAHAHA. And I have a feeling my hair's never going to grow to it's original length again. Damn you, rough patch. You make me do the craziest things. Well, actually this is the only crazy thing I've ever done. Hahaha.

I think it's fun to talk to myself. I think it's even more fun to have people who won't judge me read my blog and comment! 

I took a pic of my side profile today. I think I should submit a photo of myself for some Halloween contest next year lol lol lol I have a high chance of winning something nice. Like a phone or iPad. OR MAYBE A CAR. There's this guy in my office with a really nice side profile. And he walks across the room A LOT cos a lot of people need his help.  Sometimes I stareeeee in  jealousy (ok, more like envy) but I hope people won't get the wrong idea HAHAHA.

Okay it's 10pm. Goodnight! :) 

Wouldn't it be funny if the guy with a nice side profile reads this? But then again, I doubt he'll be like "Nice side profile? OH HEY THAT'S ME!!!!" 

Okay thanks for bearing with me. Goodnight for real! 

Good morning! Boy, I had a good night's rest. And I woke up to Instagram notifications and I was thinking, maybe a photo with filter is better? Waddaya think? 

Sometimes I like to clam up and let nobody know nothin' about me, but today I'm feeling absurdly different, so I here I am, boring you with my breakfast. 

I can imagine you thinking: "okok fine, Shu, you can continue being a mystery, it's really fine, don't worry!!!!:D" 

Hahhahaa well. Okay bye I am done humouring myself. 


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