Baby it's cold outside

I hope I got the lyrics right. If not well... I'll make that my catchphrase. Or maybe not. There aren't many scenarios to use this phrase in! A :D

You know, the last time I wore this, everybody laughed at me. Hmph. Well they can take their laughs back! Heh. Because the way the weather is now, I'll definitely be able to get away with wearing this! 

We've almost never (maybe never ever) had weather like this. Not long-term, anyway. The weather these few weeks has been absolutely GLORIOUS. I mean, it's always either scorching hot or humid, and now it's like Hong Kong in March! And it doesn't rain. I wish it'd be like this forever. Waking up to cool weather under my fluffy blankets feels soooo good. And yes there is a whole lot of difference between air-conditioning and natural chilliness! I stall treasure this forever. Hahaha. 

I'm wearing a jacket now and it feels sooooooo good. When do you ever wear a jacket in Singapore, IN AN NON-AIR CONDITIONED ROOM? 

I don't want to take a photo of myself now because I'm in a full relaxed-to-the-point-of-no-human-should-see-me-mode, but here's a pic of me in the same jacket. Hahaha. 

Oh what the hell. Here it is. Heh. Took a pic and it didn't turn out as horrible as I thought it would! (edit: I suddenly think I may regret this someday but oh well)

That's me with my trillion pillows and one-out-of-many soft toys (most of them are gifts <3)! My mother is always on my case for not combing my hair :x 

It's so cool these days that we had ice-cream outdoors and the ice-cream didn't melt at the speed of light! 
And we were really greedy hahaha. Everybody else ordered just one scoop of ice-cream but we ordered 2, and wondered why the waiter gave us 2 sets of utensils :x Oops. But it was soooooo good!!! :D 

And I wore a winter-style dress and leggings. Oh weather, weather, please stay longer. Oh hey it rhymes!! :D 


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