A sure sign that I'm aging

Hello again! And I have absolutely no idea why I've been starting every blog post with "HELLO".

And I really need to start practicing taking photos at different angles.

You know what? This week, I realised that I am indeed getting older. I saw my neighbour (the one I'm always talking about) bringing the youngest kid out on his toy car. Besides the thing about him WAVING AT ME ENTHUSIASTICALLY (and clumsily) WHEN HE DOESNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO TALK YET OMG *SQUEAL* , I did something my friends and I used to laugh at when we were younger.

You know how, during Chinese New Year, it always seemed like all adults could say was "WAH SO BIG ALREADY AH! You've grown taller!!"

And it was an involuntary reaction went I went:



Don't know why my neighbour's kids like me so much, since you know, I am the undisputed Queen of Sleeping Bitchface Syndrome. Hahaha.

Oh, and I've thinking about trimming my fringe. I don't want bangs, but just shorter fringe that I can sweep to the side? Haha. Fringe. Such a small percentage of hair, but so important, and so cumbersome to maintain/manage. Haha.

And look at what I found for $2.50! Topped with hazelnut chocolate icing, and chockful of cream cheese inside! Luscious with a capital L! Sorry, no fanciful description today because my brain is exhausted from being all wordsmith-sy this week!!

This ootd was from this week when I was very disgusting and wanted to look cute/sweet. THERE'S EVEN A RIBBON AT THE SIDE WOOHOO. So what if I look chubbier than usual in this outfit. Hahahaha. And you know what? I was gonna trash this because I don't wear sleeveless dresses and this one looks horrible with a cardigan. My mother then suggested this combination HAHAH so yayyyy I have one more outfit! :D

Wait, I found a pic of the fringe I wanna get!! Maybe a little shorter and kinda ascending? Damn. Haha. I was skinny. And... unhappy. Can you believe it, I used to be on cloud nine when my collarbone stuck out in photos. Like "HEY EVERYBODY LOOK!! MY COLLARBONES MACHAM CAN COLLECT WATER LEH. COOL HOR?!?!"

And when my fringe gets less... Straight, I'll go for the tousled look. Hahaha. Wait. Let me see if I can find a photo.

Sorry, this is the best I could get from my camera roll. Hahaha. Will see what I can get from my computer later!! 

Hmmm what else? Oh, I've just started to watch Big Bang Theory It's pretty funny, but I can't relate to the characters' lives as uncannily as I can relate to the characters in How I Met Your Mother. Which reminds me, I'm still missing 3 seasons from my DVD collection. That's about $100 to fork out, bleah.
Yesterday, a colleague who had only been introduced to me ONCE called me by my name!!! You know, people usually take a few tries to remember my name (if they notice my presence/remember my existence at all, boo) so I was all "OMG YOU REMEMBER MY NAME?!?!?!?!?!?!" And I think may have come across as a tad too dramatic. HAHA.

Last thing. I got my favourite lecturer for my final module in school!! :D


Furree Katt said…
You are sooo pretty! ♥ i'm gonna be 20 this year so the whole growing up thing is affecting me too o.O
ShuShu said…
You're sooooo nice! 20 is really young, Furree, worry about it later! :P

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