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Drastic Haircuts, Never Again.

I've never realised how many mirrors an average shopper comes across every hour until yesterday when I was out shopping with a friend and came across like, a trillion mirrors. Oh boy. My hair. And it's not like I can rebond it now because it's at that annoying stage where it'll curl at the collarbone.

And just to set the record straight - if you're a new reader, the recent blog entries don't really reflect what I'm like usually.

Like, yesterday I was Christmas shopping and for some reason I didn't buy what I intended to and headed to another shopping destination. And then I was in that state of mind where I just HAD TO GET IT because NOTHING MUST GO WRONG, so I rushed back before closing.

And when I saw that they weren't on the shelves anymore, I almost lost it. Which thinking back, is pretty amusing. My friend didn't think so, she was shocked.

The most frustrating thing is that when I'm feeling lousy (and I don't remember EVER feeli…

What Makes Me Happy

Well so it's been pretty obvious that I haven't been in the best of moods recently. And you know what always makes me feel better? "Thank you + smile". I am very desperate for smiles from strangers, I know hahaha.

Today, I was at IKEA and the doormat that I am, one of my favourite parts of going to IKEA is opening doors for people who carry lotsssss of stuff.

So I was just about to enter the building,  and that couple could have (albeit not so easily) managed by themselves but I was like ' I HAVE TO GET A SMILE AND THANK YOU TODAY!!!"

And I did. It was so easy!! :D
Ooh, it happened (unintentionally) again when I left the building. DOUBLE JOY HOHO.

Anyway, here're some random shots of my life.

Popsicle for you? And what's best about this is that I can make whatever flavour I fancy - from fruit juice to Ribena to Milo, and if you like, plain water.

I won a contest! I've always loved Kiehl's products but they've always been out of my wa…

Hello again!


Here I am , writing another loooong loooooong essay. I don't know what's wrong with me these days. I feel like I am a failure at everything! And I loathe uncertainties. Oh, I hate waiting too. Still smarting over missing my exam and having to wait another 6 months (and if it fail that, it'll be an additional year). Then maybe I should just cease existing.

I think a lot of it is my fault also lah. I've always been so driven and disciplined, but I let myself relax that LITTLE bit, and this is what happens. I will never slack off again, even a little. Met up with J, the only person in a (somewhat) same situation as me and able to keep a level head, and I realised that maybe all these... all these happen for a reason.

I've always thought this 'everything happens for a reason' = stupid excuse for stupid people. But sometimes, things really happen for a reason. Like how I applied for a degree in Counselling and was rejected, and then offered this course that…

You Will Not Read This Post

Super wordy posts these days, but nobody reads this rubbish anyway so I'll just type like, anyhow. And not watch my grammar, tenses, whatever. I have a post about yet another adversity in my drafts, but not sure if I'm going to publish it. If you've been reading my blog you'd have realised that I've had quite a few (uncharacteristic) crying jags and a lot, a lot of feeling lost and hopeless.

I am really not a pessimistic person, but it seems like everything is going downhill this month. I don't know why everything is happening all at once, and I don't know if it'll persist, and if it does, I don't know how if I'll lose my mind or something. I push myself so, so much but it seems like I'll never be where I want to be. And then I continue pushing and yeah, here's where I am now - on the verge of giving up trying, because, hey, there're only so many blows one can take within a month.

I hope to be brilliant or special someday, but at t…

I am going to cry

This Monday, I was suddenly plagued with something I've never experienced. Woke up with fever. And then I felt so horrible, even sleeping was a problem. And then I puked and oh my goodness I had no idea I could pack so much inside me. I swear, it was like Niagara Falls or something.

Tuesday? Well I guess I must have been alive on Tuesday, since I'm here typing. But I have no recollection Tuesday AT ALL.

Finally dragged myself to the doctor's today (Wednesday). I have no idea how I managed to walk there, but I did consider begging cyclists on the road to give me a lift to the clinic :X

Turned out to be stomach flu, and I've never had stomach flu. To make things worse, it later turned into gastritis pfffft. How could it not? I haven't been able to eat anything since Monday. I don't even know what I answered when my parents spoke to me because it was like my soul ran away or something.

I ended up not turning up for exams today. I could hardly get out…

Kids nowadays

Today, I saw a toddler operate a Kindle with so much swag, I almost melted in embarrassment. I have never once touched a Kindle, and it's been only a year since my first smartphone (which I won in a creative writing contest, yay!) 
And then I was looking at the mirror and mourning over my (former) long hair. But really, that's a mistake I HAD to make. It would be a mistake not to make that mistake because if I don't snip most of my hair off, I'll always be like "what if I did?" I lost you right there, didn't I? And that's already the summarised version. 
Oh and how do hair and lucky 21st Century kids relate? I was looking at my hair and I remembered how my friends, after graduating at 12 years old, my friends and I went through a "mass rebellion" by growing out out hair. We thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Actually, I still do. Hahaha.
If there's one school rule I'll never understand, it'll be the "long hair is pr…

I can't do this anymore

Test after test, trial after trial. 
Trials make you stronger. But when they come at you non-stop, it's so tiring. Not even a breather. If it was something I could control with my own effort and determination, I'll fight until I win. 
But who can fight against nature? 
I kinda know why villains with in superhero flicks move to the dark side now. 
But it's ok. Maybe I'm just atoning for my sins in my past life as an evil, evil person. And SHUT UP BECAUSE IF YOU KNEW THIS SECRET OF MINE YOU'LL BE SORRY YOU EVER ACCUSED ME OF WHINING.
I should work on stopping the cycle now but I am so, so tired, and all I want to do is just.... Forget that I exist.

I AM A PEOPLE PERSON!! (And Drastic Haircut!)

Who would have thought it. HAHA.
But meeting more people has made me realise that people see me as a "people person".
I didn't realise it until somebody mentioned it outright. Then I gave a humble smile HAHAHA.

About time. I'm the late bloomer for everything but you know what? Better now than never! :D
I don't wanna complain too much about being a Late Bloomer because what if I become a Never Bloomer, right? If you get what I mean.

Anyway you know what? I was feeling really lousy last month so I  got my hairdresser Dylan to snip 4 inches of hair. He was a bit reluctant coz I've always been all "CUT A BIT ONLY PLEASEEEEE. Coz very heavy. RMB DON'T TOO SHORT AH!!! "

But I was so adamant, he had no choice and OMG MY HEAD HAS NEVER FELT SO.. LIGHT. If you've been reading my blog, you'll remember that I have 5 times as much hair as others. On the head I mean. I have no leg hair, and I don't know why.