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My First InstaVideo!

Well, not technically, because I cancelled upload by accident and wasn't able to upload it again. And I wasn't ignoring my friend (speaking in the background) Am just fantastic at multitasking. Hahaha. :P

And April just told me that she thinks it's hilarious how my friend (her name is Yvonne) talked non-stop, and even mentioned really random stuff like '1 kg of rice'.
Honestly, I wasn't being rude. I wouldn't do something like this with mere acquaintances, and if you think this is rude, you obviously aren't my friend, and no amount of explanation can placate you. When I'm not with close friends, my phone is almost inexistent, in case you're wondering.  I'd InstaVideo more, but like I always say, my expression bank is Private Limited, so this pretty much represents all the videos I'd take, if I got around to doing it.

This video function is actually quite fascinating. If only my phone didn't black out all the time. I've been compla…

Hailstorm In Singapore!

It's happened again. Now that the haze apocalypse has gone away.... Here comes the hailstones. Pretty tiny ones, but you're talking about hail in the tropics. Right beside the equator. I don't know what's happening to us, it's scary.

We hoped, wished, and prayed for rain. And we got snow! In a single-season country! This week may just be THE record-breaking week in Singapore history.

I dunno. It's like, Silent Hill + The Day After Tomorrow. What next? Fantastic 4? X-men? Everyone who got hit by the hail gets superpowers? Or some kryptonite and radioactive spider saga. Then we'll be the nation of superheroes, and SAVE THE WORLD! I can TOTALLY visualise a Hollywood-worthy blockbuster now.

If that happens, (surprise surprise!) I won't be part of the life-saving, elite, super strong task force that I've always fantasised about belong to. Because I live nowhere near the area where the (mini) hailstorm took place. #foreverinsignificant

When the monstrous ha…

Hazeee, and why I love Singapore

Hello. I don't have much to blog about, because the haze is gotten really bad, and I haven't been going out. Our neighbours are starting their yearly forest fire festival (some on purpose, some not) again, and Singapore has been shrouded in thick, dirty smoke, which reached 'life-threatening' levels of PSI 400 yesterday. I haven't been awake much because smoke (even minor ones from 7th month) usually knocks me out, and I sleep. A lot.

Like I said, it's a yearly event, and we have always accepted it for YEARS. But it's gone out of control this time, and people are getting angry. The first few days were the most emotion-filled ones, with Singaporeans demanding for explanations, some making funny jokes, and mostly, curses thrown at our neighbours. Not the innocent ones. The money grubbing ones.

My Reaction (this is my blog, after all)
Me? The first two days, I wished extra fervently to be a superhero that can put a stop at all this. To be someone from S.H.I.E.…

Recent Food Pics + Cymera P2

Since exams are soooooo over, I'm on my food adventures again! I always get comments like "you eat the best food!', "you've got so many food pics! quite the foodie, aren't you!?" especially from my friends from overseas. Well, logging daily food activities has become part of a typical Singaporean's lifestyle. Hahaha.

First, here are some totally unrelated pics while trying to practise making different expressions. Not very successful as you can see. Close mouth smile, open-mouthed smile, annoying duck face, and cross-eyed smile is really just about everything I know.

I've been eating a lot, but but but but there aren't many food pics because I get too hungry. :/
And also, unlike last time, I don't need to prove that "I've got a life". In case you're trying to find the link between 'having a life' and photos of food, let me enlighten you.

In the minds of some EQ Level-Challenged people, eating nice food = going out…

I'm back! (4 photos in 2 seconds!)

After leaving this space hanging, for what, more than one month? First, I'm going to spam this post with photos of myself. In the same outfit and similar expressions. HAHA. Because I recently made a new discovery. Same app, new discovery. I realised that there's a 'burst' feature!

Basically it means I get to take 4 shots within 3 seconds. Which leaves me just about enough time to switch expressions, and with more practice, angles and poses. You should try it - it really as easy as it seems, unless you're a seasoned pro!

Here you go! I need to learn more expressions!

I hope you had fun looking at 36 similar photos HAHAHA. Because there is no collage where I like all 4 photos! Btw did you notice? I got a new lipstick shade! A little more intense then my usual neutral one so I daren't use it too often!Other than that, I got a new laptop. Not because I wanna splurge, but the current one is about 3 years old, and my oh-so-special psychic abilities predict impending…