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Relatives vs. nosey stalkers who read your blog

I know some people have issues with relatives on social media. I wouldn't be comfortable with having my older relatives on Facebook, but I'm actually fine with my relatives reading my blog!

To relatives reading my blog
Haha. I know some of ya have been poking around.

It's ok! I wanna say, thank you for being so nice to me when I was by far the ugliest kid I've ever seen. Actually, I've never seen any ugly kids, it's just.... a manner of speaking.

And I was the quietest and dullest kid, ever. Thank you for being nice to me and having my fat face in all your photos hahaha. 

Sometimes, the different between genuine concern, and genuine pigheader-assholeness is extremly obvious.  Which brings me to the next....

To The Bloody Nosey Parker
How many years have you been scrutinizing my every move on social media? Time passes real quick, doesn't it. Well maybe for you, but not for me. Never for me. Your nose was so HUGE it almost suffocated me, and social media felt li…

Random Ramblings + Photos from the past

So what happened this morning was really stupid. I thought I had an assignment to hand in this morning, and I tried to complete it FRANTICALLY. And when I was done and about to submit it online.... I realised that it was actually due TOMORROW.

Oh well. At least I had time to spruce it up a little. I mean, I've been looking at it for an entire day, and I don't see where and how I can improve it on.  Hitting 'SUBMIT' was a good move, or I'd just be wasting my time staring at the screen and doing nothing.

I hope I get an okay grade. I need at least a B, or to veer on the safe side, a B+ this semester.

Oh and I was packing the stuff in my room into boxes, and came across some old photos. Very amusing. Too bad for you, I've only got two, because all the rest have been packed into boxes :D

You know, in the early 2000s, Neoprints machines were VERY in vogue? Very expensive for 14-year-olds as well, but well... You could add sparkles and designs and it was so very fun. …

Shopping Vouchers worth over S$500 to be won!

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A pair of movie vouchers? And all you need to do is.... REGISTER AS A MEMBER at Discuss SG! Easy, right?

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Things I Really Want, Just Not Meant to Be

Call me a First World Brat, but I just really really really want these, and I'm the most thrifty one amongst all my friends! I've been wanting these for a very very very long time now, and I think the 11:11 wishes and blowing eyelashes off my fingertips aren't working!

Of course, I've won some things I want (some people call it need, but seriously, it's just a want), like my iPhone 4S, a watch, and some other stuff. So..... maybe I shouldn't be asking for too much! nyway, just to feel better (you know how it feels when you let all your anger out).. I'm gonna tell the world what I really really want.


First on the list.... The Samsung EX2F
Most of my friends have heard/seen me gush about it until I think they want to smack me HAHAHA but well in a nutshell...

I've had my eye on this even before it launched in Singapore. And then I kept every news/magazine clipping…

Favorite Scenery Shots and MY LONG LOST TWIN!

I'm typing this as my assignment deadline draws closer. But then again, it's not every day I have this unexplainable urge to blog, so well... I'll get a little less sleep later, and BLOG NOW.

Now, I've got like a trillion photos in my phone/camera/computer that my lazy ass and I haven't been even editing (except on Instagram), but this month, I've got a new goal. To stop this bad habit of sheeeeeeer laziness!

Since most of my photos are in my phone (and these days, I can't take many photos because my phone always goes MEMORY FULL. PLEASE DELETE SOME yadda yadda), so I'm gonna use some of my favourite (old) photos, so liven up this otherwise dead-looking blog.

I'm always holding on to my phone (because my camera's quality is worse than my phone's) and just snap anything that I see. Legally of course, and do you see a pattern here?

YES I'M BACK IN ACTION :D:D:D:D JUST WAIT FOR THE FOOD PHOTOS. I've been eating so much that I've gain…

How I spend every Valentines' Day

So. Finally. Here you finally have it. The big revelation. I'm gonna you how I spend every 14th Feb. Since it's a great big National Global secret and all. I cannot NOT share a juicy secret with, you, can I?

Every year without fail, I hit the streets, and look for a random guy and engage in some wild, animalistic sex in some random motel to fill in the empty void in my life. And I'd love to delve into deeper details, but this is social media, and I'll need a decent job for the next 40 years.

But Dear Nosey Parker. I hope I wasted 10 seconds of your pathetic life reading the first 2 paragraphs. Because they're FAKE. HAPPY? MIND BLOWING ENOUGH? IS THAT THE ANSWER YOU WERE LOOKING FOR?

And I really wouldn't have made a joke (well I don't know the exact word since there isn't even the slightest bit of humour in this), but... I just needed some impact. And I also needed visualising you with your neck lengthening in a way that would make a giraffee green with …


I feel so great to be back here that I can't stop posting stuff. I don't have much to say, but here's a photo I've never ever uploaded!

Ok bye, hitting the books again! Oh gosh procrastination is SUCH a pain in the behind. It's ok.  there is no time to make up for lost time like this time. HAHA. I don't know what I'm saying.

Oh and I really cannot figure out my obsession with expressions like this. One day, if everybody hates me, they're going to dig out all these photos to make fun of.

Oh the evils of social media!

Chocolate Indulgence

So you know, I've been wanting to get a new camera. A prosumer one, which is an upgrade from my current VERY BUDGET compact. Not professional one. Which I'd love, but have no use for.

And practice makes perfect, so I've been (over) zealously taking photos. Of the same things. Which I shall proceed to bore you with. HAHA.

Should have put the cake at the centre. I want to cry looking at the atrocity of this, but ahhhh the chocolate <3 font="">
Ok thanks for scrolling. Maybe one day I'll be able to take nice photos someday. And I don't mean going pro, if Nosey Parker is reading this. Hahaha. I used my phone for this btw.

And as I'm looking at the photos. I realised a MAJOR mistake. And realising mistakes are good because I get to learn from them! Imagine, no mistakes = no improvement!

That's me looking on the bright side because my life is going to be better from this week onwards!

Well Hello Hello

It's been a long time since I last blogged. Well, here, at least. I do have a few other blogs which I'll never reveal :P

I've been away from here because of a really irritating busybody who loveeeessss who pry. I know, ironic, right? I made this blog public, and I don't want peole to pry. Well, just a certain someone. The attention was as disturbing as hell. But I doubt he'll be poking his big fat nose into my blog anymore. I don't think ANYONE is going to drop by this blog, for that matter. Because it was dead for quite a bit. But it's ok HAHA I just like to type stuffffff.

I'd tell you more about whats happening (and I did have a lot to say), but I've since forgotten it all. Oh my memory. Oh well there'll always be something new happening, so I'll try to blog more. Hahaha. Or I could use my old photos.

And I'm getting lazy. The only editing I do for my photos is using one of the Instagram filters! :P