You know what I wish for?

I love holidays and staycations, but packing and lugging my stuff around? Not so much. I know, I know. Greedy much? Haha :P

My friends and I managed to get a room at a posh hotel this Christmas Eve! Ever the kiasu one, imagine my yaya-papayaness when I managed to pack everyone into a small-ish gym bag! It's just for a night but man, I wish I could pack my entire home into my bag like Mary Poppins or Hermoine and bring it along with me!

And can somebody please stop me from worrying so much? I keep thinking of worst-case scenarios. It is no fun being a worrywart but I can't help it GAHHHHHHH. You want to know what I'm worried about now? I'm worried that I can't figure out which belt looks best on me by tomorrow. A little part of me also worries that I'll get some foot wart from the previous occupant. HAHA. I know. You will have a very.... interesting life if you're my friend. I think I have the best imagination in the world. Sometimes I can just SEE my friends trying their best to maintain straight faces while I go on and on and on about my Very Traumatic Fears. Hahaha.

But it's not easy being my friend because almost all my friends went through the 'Why doesn't that girl talk?" phase HAHAHA. I do talk but like I told you, I'm a very paranoid person and I've built up exceedingly strong defence mechanisms. So if you're my friend then you should know that you are a good person, because you know, I'm almost never wrong. And I'm sorry that things were awkward at first, and I'm also sorry that I don't shut up now. Actually, not really. HAHAHA.

Okay that's enough blabbering for today.

Again, thank you for everything that has gone well today. I won't wish for more good things to happen to me, but I hope things stay somewhat the same for a looooooong time! :)

I wish for a smooth and full career path, my parents to be healthy, my friends to be happily married with cute babies I can terrorize HAHA. And these are the realistic ones. Of course there are many other things I wish for, like NO ILLNESSES, NO VICE, NO STARVING HUMANS, but unless I am Queen of The Galaxy, it's kinda difficult.

Do something nice this Christmas (even though you should try to do it every day) okay?

HA who am I kidding. Nobody reads past two paragraphs anymore Lazybonessss!


Anonymous said…
Happy Holidays!

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