OMG I am so boring hahaha

No photos and no particular theme whatsoever so my posts hahaha but it's not offensive in anyway, and I'M THE ONE READING IT so....

No photos too but that might change because YAY I've finally straightened my hair! At a promotional rate, and there is almost nothing better than saving some $$$, so... DOUBLE YAY!!

I was out shopping with a friend on Friday, and we were both surprised at how decisive I was. I guess is really different when you ask yourself questions like "Do I like this?" as opposed to "What would XXX say about this? What would XXX think about this?" So that chapter has closed. Shopping is not a excruciatingly stressful activity anymore. TRIPLE YAY!

Oh, last week I was on a boat. And you can see my hair too.


In case the view is distracting (which I totally understand - I mean, who I am to compete with THIS?)

Here's a plain, plain, shot of my face.

And... I won a digital camera!! It is so phenomenally pretty!! Hello Kitty + Pink = I Love.

I won a watch too =P

Oh, and last week, I dreamt that about Chord Overstreet and he was dancing topless. Which was kinda funny because I am not obsessed with him like I'm obsessed with... oh wait yeah I don't get obsessed with celebrities.
What I mean is I've never really fancied Chord Overstreet, with his six packs and all (I prefer the nerdy/geeky boy-next-door type, so I have no idea why he even entered my dreamland.  BUT. I DREAMT THAT I MET A WESTLIFE MEMBER!! I can't remember which one though! But I love them all because they bring back great childhood memories HAHAHA. Well tweenhood, perhaps.

Okay that's all! I just ended my Westlife YouTube Video spree and I'm going to sleep now! I'm a little afraid of going to sleep because I'm afraid that I'll wake up and find out that everything that's happened to me this month was just a dream. Or the usual case of The Jinx when something bad happens when I allow myself to be too happy. Oh well I had a good three weeks (except the times I overanalysed and mini-panicked over gestures of kindness). I actually think if I were to die tomorrow (touch wood, of course), I'll feel at peace and die a content soul. Thank you for my happy three weeks (so far), and please let this be an ongoing thing :D



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