Merry (Belated) Christmas!

And here's a photo of me trying to make a fashion statement with comfy hotel slippers. I had so much fun on Christmas Eve! Well, in our opinion, it was fun. Anything is fun with good company. Except clubbing lol lol because I am boring like that. Haha. Eating, gossiping, and (that goes without saying) taking photos! 

I have a feeling, somewhere down the road, people are going to ridicule my friends and I for the hundred and one photos (and selfies). But hey, photos are like time capsules, and there's nothing wrong with retaining memories! :D 

Imagine looking at this photo at the ripe old age of 80:

I mean, look at photos like this. That two
Bimbos behind. TSK HAHAHA. And btw I just got feedback that makeup or not, I look the same. Which is why I'm contemplating going sans makeup and getting 25 more minutes of sleep everyday! :D

And this. I laughed for an entire minute when I received it. 

Of course, mascots are not spared from Selfie Season.

Here's the view from one of the windows. There was a fit guy getting out of the pool and wrapping a towel around himself before this haha. Sorry girls, scenery before eye candy, because it's not everyday I get to go on a staycation! Then again, it's not everyday I get to see hotties HAHA. What was I thinking? Oh right I like the geeky, sunshine boy type. Hahahah. 

And another window.

The bathroom's really posh, but we were too busy to get good 360degree photos/videos haha. LOOK THERE'S A BATHTUB! Oh, and mirrors everywhere. 

I was going to take a photo with the caption "HELLO GOOD MORNING JUST WOKE UP" when nobody was around and then my friend came out of the bathroom and caught me trying to find my best angle. Oops. 

Oh yeah the beds are sooooo comfy! I felt like staying there all day lol. We all squealed when I (gotta take credit for this) discovered the brilliant view behind the green stripes! 

They even have a duckie for the bathtub haha. And it makes squeaking noises, they tried. HAHAHA. 

I look like this in the morning lol lol check out my big-small eyes!

I used to feel like bawling my eyes out when I couldn't decide on what to wear. When my makeup was slightly out of place, I felt like it was the end of the world. That was like a different lifetime! Now that that chapter is closed, I am sorry that I am bombarding you with #nomakeup photos. HAHAA NAH ACTUALLY I'M NOT SORRY. I KNOW I look alright. 

Most of my photos are in my camera, but I don't know if I'll be uploading them (you might have realised that I almost never upload photos of my friends)! 

I'm actually in bed, blogging from my phone. I'd better go before I fall asleep and drop my phone on my face haha okay bye! :D

And here's a 1am snap of my face!

And since you've been so nice to read till the end, let me tell you a little secret. I took these photos to make sure that I didn't get crossed-eyed from typing without my glasses. 

And you know what? I just realised that I need to get out of bed to switch the lights off. RAWRRRRRRR.

Goodnight! Or morning, to be exact. Hope your Saturday was great, and Sunday, terrific! :) 

Oh I forgot to tell you. The Singapore Flyer is lovely at night. 

And here's our supper. The only thing we could find at midnight and my oh my it was delishhhhhhh.

Goodnight for real! :)

Oh one more thing. I'd love to use this as my Facebook profile picture. But since age is catching up with me... I think the first one would be a better choice? What do you think?


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