Hello! It's me (and my wordy blogpost) again!

I was just fantasising about Something That Is Never Gonna Happen. Of course, I don't expect you to give one percent of a hoot, so I shan't bore you. You're welcome. :)

Don't really have a reason for blogging, but I feel very happy today. I don't know how long it's going to last so I should really pen my thoughts now :D

I'm feel so happy today, and if it lasts till tomorrow, I feel like I'll be greeting everyone in the life tomorrow with ultra-enthusiastic HI's. People will be wondering what came over me because I'm positioning myself as The Stoic One. HAHA. That is the best defence mechanism I can think of now lol.

While Fantasising About The Impossible, I also made myself list down some realistic things to hope for (BTW, "Hope For" and "Work On" are different. My "work on" list... still workin' on it. Haha.)

Come 2014, I really hope to meet people who like me for me. I don't want to have to pretend to be somebody else just to please people, or shut people up. I won't ask for everything to be perfect, but I hope to meet more nice people, and less obnoxious ones. I hope to be able to trust people more. I hope to have a reason to trust. I hope to make as little mistakes a possible, because heaven knows, I can't stand making mistakes, but I STILL DO (DARN, DARN, DARN).

I wish for less uncertainties. And okay lah, I also promise to work on being more flexible. Haha.

I hope to find my place in the world. Honestly, I think I may have found it, but it's early days yet, so maybe it's too soon to say. But I really think it's about time. Because you see, I usually have to fail/face setbacks a couple of times to get a perfect fit for anything. And I really think, this time, I was hit with more then usual.

Well that's all! I hit the worst patch in my lifetime ever (so far) this year, but I know, I know my luck is a-changing this 2014! And I'll never be complacent again gahhhh. Dear Rough Patch, thank you for visiting me. HAHA you didn't ruin me. Even though for a while, I thought you did. Instead, you made me a better, stronger person, and it's really too bad if you are disappointed. Hehe. :)


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