What Makes Me Happy

Well so it's been pretty obvious that I haven't been in the best of moods recently. And you know what always makes me feel better? "Thank you + smile". I am very desperate for smiles from strangers, I know hahaha.

Today, I was at IKEA and the doormat that I am, one of my favourite parts of going to IKEA is opening doors for people who carry lotsssss of stuff.

So I was just about to enter the building,  and that couple could have (albeit not so easily) managed by themselves but I was like ' I HAVE TO GET A SMILE AND THANK YOU TODAY!!!"

And I did. It was so easy!! :D
Ooh, it happened (unintentionally) again when I left the building. DOUBLE JOY HOHO.

Anyway, here're some random shots of my life.

Popsicle for you? And what's best about this is that I can make whatever flavour I fancy - from fruit juice to Ribena to Milo, and if you like, plain water.

I won a contest! I've always loved Kiehl's products but they've always been out of my wallet's range. And lucky me, I chanced upon a contest called the Ultimate Loyalist Contest. Obviously I wasn't really the 'Ultimate Loyalist" because the winner had like, hundreds of dollars worth of Kiehl's in her vanity shelf. I won the consolation prize though! :D

You know how I love soft toys, but never bought them because I wanna save money? I've been 'visiting' these two regularly for MONTHS, and sadly.... People bought them. I hope you find good homes :(

But it's ok! I found new cuties to visit!! :D

Some time this month, I managed to stomach all of these. Am I cool or what.

Let me end this post with how much I miss my long hair okay bye.


Oh, I woke from a lovely dream today. Awesome warm bubbly feeling. I know it's never going to happen in real life, so I hope I get more dreams like this! I don't want to sound like a discontented prick, but can I have this dream like this at least once a week? Hahaha.  :)

When you're down and out, you've got only one direction in life. UP.



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