Kids nowadays

Today, I saw a toddler operate a Kindle with so much swag, I almost melted in embarrassment. I have never once touched a Kindle, and it's been only a year since my first smartphone (which I won in a creative writing contest, yay!) 

And then I was looking at the mirror and mourning over my (former) long hair. But really, that's a mistake I HAD to make. It would be a mistake not to make that mistake because if I don't snip most of my hair off, I'll always be like "what if I did?" I lost you right there, didn't I? And that's already the summarised version. 

Oh and how do hair and lucky 21st Century kids relate? I was looking at my hair and I remembered how my friends, after graduating at 12 years old, my friends and I went through a "mass rebellion" by growing out out hair. We thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Actually, I still do. Hahaha.

If there's one school rule I'll never understand, it'll be the "long hair is prohibited" one. And before you say anything, "long hair" meant hair that touches your collar. Which, if you think about it, means that your hair has to be ABOVE the bottom of your ears.

I mean, I totally understand the importance of looking neat in your school
Uniform. But hair touching the collar was a bit too much, no? Some schools have the "just below the collar" rule. Anyway I guess long hair was seen as a frivolous "luxury", which was pretty ironic because my mother had to fork out $8 for each haircut (and so OFTEN because well, how much shorter can it go?). 

And nope, tying up my hair wasn't an option because only dancers were permitted to do that. Not that it was entirely bad because not many 7-year olds those days could handle long hair lah. No "3 Minute Fishtail Braid" YouTube Tutorials then hahaha. Just saying this in case people ask "cannot leave long hair and then tie up neatly meh?"

I was looking back for typos and HAHAHA. To answer your question, no I did not attend military school. Though we all had identical hairstyles hahaha. And think I'd have turned out tougher if I did. 

And I don't know the point of this post either. Haha. 


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