I can't do this anymore

Test after test, trial after trial. 

Trials make you stronger. But when they come at you non-stop, it's so tiring. Not even a breather. If it was something I could control with my own effort and determination, I'll fight until I win. 

But who can fight against nature? 

I kinda know why villains with in superhero flicks move to the dark side now. 

But it's ok. Maybe I'm just atoning for my sins in my past life as an evil, evil person. And SHUT UP BECAUSE IF YOU KNEW THIS SECRET OF MINE YOU'LL BE SORRY YOU EVER ACCUSED ME OF WHINING.

I should work on stopping the cycle now but I am so, so tired, and all I want to do is just.... Forget that I exist. 


Anonymous said…
Those physical, emotional, and mental trails are life's way of saying it's scared of your progress. And you should never give up even if everyone else does. Just because no one can fight this 'nature' doesn't mean you can't. When nature is against you it makes it all the more impressive when you overcome it. Good luck and keep your head held high.
ShuShu said…
Thank you for the encouragement! It means so much to me because I have honestly never been so down before. Now that you mentioned it, it really does make sense. I must not let those DRATTED setbacks get their way!

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