I AM A PEOPLE PERSON!! (And Drastic Haircut!)

Who would have thought it. HAHA.
But meeting more people has made me realise that people see me as a "people person".
I didn't realise it until somebody mentioned it outright. Then I gave a humble smile HAHAHA.

About time. I'm the late bloomer for everything but you know what? Better now than never! :D
I don't wanna complain too much about being a Late Bloomer because what if I become a Never Bloomer, right? If you get what I mean.

Anyway you know what? I was feeling really lousy last month so I  got my hairdresser Dylan to snip 4 inches of hair. He was a bit reluctant coz I've always been all "CUT A BIT ONLY PLEASEEEEE. Coz very heavy. RMB DON'T TOO SHORT AH!!! "

But I was so adamant, he had no choice and OMG MY HEAD HAS NEVER FELT SO.. LIGHT. If you've been reading my blog, you'll remember that I have 5 times as much hair as others. On the head I mean. I have no leg hair, and I don't know why.

OH HEY. NO LEG HAIR. That's something I like about myself!! I have one more thing on my list now, isn't life amazing! :D

Here's the first time I've had short hair since I was 18. I don't care if anyone doesn't like me because I LOVE IT AND IT'S MY HAIR. Oh look at how far I've come. Hahaha aren't you proud of me?

And I'll try to smile more next time, but you see, smiling makes my nose look larger. And you may have already guessed from my blog URL that I have Nose Issues. HAHA. But ok I'll smile more. Because I'm looking at the two expressions at the bottom, and I suddenly feel like punching myself.
Which smile do you like best? I like the one with teeth! :D



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