I am going to cry

This Monday, I was suddenly plagued with something I've never experienced. Woke up with fever. And then I felt so horrible, even sleeping was a problem. And then I puked and oh my goodness I had no idea I could pack so much inside me. I swear, it was like Niagara Falls or something.

Tuesday? Well I guess I must have been alive on Tuesday, since I'm here typing. But I have no recollection Tuesday AT ALL.

Finally dragged myself to the doctor's today (Wednesday). I have no idea how I managed to walk there, but I did consider begging cyclists on the road to give me a lift to the clinic :X

Turned out to be stomach flu, and I've never had stomach flu. To make things worse, it later turned into gastritis pfffft. How could it not? I haven't been able to eat anything since Monday. I don't even know what I answered when my parents spoke to me because it was like my soul ran away or something.

I ended up not turning up for exams today. I could hardly get out of bed. How was I supposed to take a 1 hour bus ride to school and then sit for exams? I've got A+ grades for all the assignments for this module. I worked so hard for this, and now I have to wait another YEAR to retake the exam. 
I pushed myself so hard for this and also the (bloody) stats exam. It's all I have been working on these two months - and I even refused to hang out with my friends! And then I got really stressed with my job search. Which could have been what got me sick and I think it's so unfair! :(

I'm now kicking myself because I COULD HAVE GONE TO THE DOCTOR STRAIGHTAWAY. And then recovered on Tuesday (if you can recover from stomach flu within a day, that is), and gone to school to take the exam today.

Sigh.... Now I'll have to graduate 6 months later. All the hard work for nothing.

Like I said, trial after trial after trial.
Not even a second of a breather. But like someone commented in my previous blog entry, I CAN'T LET THESE SETBACKS WIN.

Sometimes I think if it's because I am a bad person. But I have really, really tried my best to be a good person, can't I get a bit of credit for that?

All these hard work for nothing. I am so very tired and I wonder when I'll be truly happy.

And also... I won't be able to graduate with my friends!!!

On the bright side, I got a job I've been dreaming about since I was 12. Please, please let this go well because I don't think I can take any more setbacks!


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