Drastic Haircuts, Never Again.

I've never realised how many mirrors an average shopper comes across every hour until yesterday when I was out shopping with a friend and came across like, a trillion mirrors. Oh boy. My hair. And it's not like I can rebond it now because it's at that annoying stage where it'll curl at the collarbone.

And just to set the record straight - if you're a new reader, the recent blog entries don't really reflect what I'm like usually.

Like, yesterday I was Christmas shopping and for some reason I didn't buy what I intended to and headed to another shopping destination. And then I was in that state of mind where I just HAD TO GET IT because NOTHING MUST GO WRONG, so I rushed back before closing.

And when I saw that they weren't on the shelves anymore, I almost lost it. Which thinking back, is pretty amusing. My friend didn't think so, she was shocked.

The most frustrating thing is that when I'm feeling lousy (and I don't remember EVER feeling lousy- maybe that's why), nobody ever takes me seriously because they think I'm kidding.

I've never had buck luck that I can remember, and I think this month's going to be on my mind for at least a year. Anyway, now that everything is over (I hope), I think well I can handle stuff on my own. And most people I know can jolly well handle their own problems too. I ain't gonna be the fairy godmother who sprinkles magical "make people see the light and feel better" dust all the time.

And ooooh I'm going to trim my forest of eyebrows tomorrow morning, yay! And I just watched 2 Narnia movies in one sitting. And uncountable Ellen Show YouTube Videos. I swear, those are addictive, especially those with emotion-charged giveaways and kids! OMG I LOVE WATCHING ELLEN SO SO SO MUCH AND every time someone asks Who's your favourite celebrity, she's usually the first to come to mind! I've loved watching her show since I was like, 16 and she had long-ish hair and okay I'll stop gushing now.

Just won 2 contests this week so perhaps it's a sign of better things to come! And Monday will be my first day at my new job, I hope to be one of the most brilliant writers they've ever had! :D


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