When girls say "A lot of guys are after me"

 So... know any girls like this? I'm guessing probably you do, because this post got more likes on Instagram than usual.
Have you realised, really popular girls never say something like this? If you're hot, you're hot. Everybody knows without you making grand announcements.
And this tweet isn't insulting the nice girls so if you don't get the joke then please go away.

I think it's so funny coz an image of BitchFace and her uber thick makeup immediately popped into my mind!

  I remember how she loved to relate very detailed accounts about men ("even ang mohs you know") trying to pick her up. And she has to fend a whole army of them off like Gerard

Butler in 300 because she's married (sooo sooo draining you know haiyo!!). She even "complained" about men who continued their advances even after knowing that she's married hahaha hmmm......

*Pssst I think she is secretly pleased whaddaya think*

And every single time, I refused to say stuff I'd tell people whom I like. Stuff like:

"Aiyah coz you're good-looking mah!"


"Hahaha you look really young, that's why people are assume you aren't married!"

Simply because I know she is very insecure and thus, super desperate for assurance. Now, I am very good at making people (except myself) feel better about themselves (so I've heard from multiple sources *shy*) but THIS Beeeetch ain't getting any therapy from me muahahaha.

But to her credit, I did think she was pretty when I first met her (because everyone who doesn't have my face is pretty, duh) but when I pointed her out to my friends and they gave the 'wtf' looks so maybe not. Hahaha. Maybe its the makeup because I kinda think she has to stock up every 2-3 weeks - wow what a pricey investment.


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