My Ridiculous Secret Diet Blog

Not so secret anymore. And of course I didn't go through with it! As miserable as I was, I thank my lucky stars that I wasn't so far gone.

Sometimes I feel like I wasted a huge period of my life away. Other times, I feel like everything happens for a reason, and there must be, as unfathomable and seemingly stupid, a reason that I had to go through this.

And you know how completely bonkers I get when I see spelling/grammatical errors? It's ERRORS GALORE here! I feel like getting a red marker and making crosses and circles on my screen hahahhaha.

So.... Kids. Learn from me. Dieting makes your brain cloud up. You don't want that!

I was in THAT state where I couldn't even spell my name right LOL that's how far gone I was.
The spelling mistakes here are KILLING me. And seriously. Yogurt and one slide of honeydew?? What was I thinking?

Alarm Bells bring briiiiiiiing!!


I don't know what I was thinking. Feeling INVINCIBLE because I didn't eat? Lucky this diet thing only lasted for a bit (I am greedy like that, bwahahaha).

The thing about diets is that without professional guidance, they often backfire. And I can't say it enough, but all these sad rubbish about girls and self-image issues... they really need to stop.

I can read my blog entries from almost 2 years ago and laugh at myself. But I'm sure there are millions of girls around the world feeling as horrid and trapped as I did. And some of them pass the 'germs' on to girls around them and it becomes a freaking epidemic. This is a sad world. Whatever happened to the days Marilyn Monroe, absence of thigh gaps and all, was considered to be the most beautiful human in the world?



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