I was leaving my house yesterday and (YAY!!) one of the kids and his dad came home. I didn't even see them because I had my back facing them and suddenly I heard an enthusiastic HELLO!!!!

Then the little boy kept waving at me. :)

Even as I walked to he staircase! He only went inside when I left the floor.

Later that evening, I came home and heard THREE squeaky voices screaming HELLOOOOO!!
And one of them walked  ran/toddled quickly to my door and held the railings and peered inside :):):)


And the older boy must have read a new book or watched a new television programme because he was like, "Bye guys!!!!" And then he thought for a bit, and said 'Bye Ladies!" (my sister was there too - she ran to the door when she heard their voices).

Such friendly kids omg so cuteeeeeeeeee.

Everybody loves babies, that's for sure. I just came home from the library, and just as I was leaving, there was a tiny little toddler talking a walk with his grandfather. And another middle-aged uncle (I thought he looked kinda fierce) saw that little boy and started to make funny faces and talk in baby language OMG hahahahaha that was so uncharacteristic.

Oh, and yesterday I was in a crowded mall, and a pair of twin toddlers literally stopped traffic. They were in their twin pram, both sucking on their pacifiers peacefully. (And I'd usually get pissed - but not this time, because awwwwwwwww) all the ladies who saw them immediately stopped in the middle of nowhere and bent down to coo and gush over them!! I bet they don't understand words yet BUT OMGGGGGG they were really adorable.

I know. I sound obsessed. HAHAHA. And yesterday one kept staring at me while I having tea at the cafĂ©. Sometimes when I smile back, they widen their eyes and give me toothless grins and start jumping around in their baby chairs. I should TOTALLY consider a career as a clown at kiddy parties.


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