Beetles, that is.

So here I am midnight, watching 'Psycho', armed with my own choice of weapons - fly swatter and Baygon Spray. If you didn't already know, Psycho is a horror/suspense film by Alfred Hitchcock. Which make me feel all the more murderous. 

Those darn beetles REALLY don't have any sense of boundaries! And I swear, those little things have VERY SHARP minds of their own. They only show up when I'm alone. And I kid you not, they CHARGE at me. Just me :( And I'm certain they aren't blind. Because as soon as my dad arrives, they go and hide. And my dad will be like 'WHAT INSECT???? There's nothing! Don't tell me you made me miss the most exciting part of NCIS for this!!!"

Sometimes when I'm feeling brave and am all "COME AT ME, BITCH!!!", they refuse to come out too (cowards! bullies!). And when I finally forget about them...




Giving me the shock of my life, and I always have to remember to be careful with my laptop, water, and phone. Coz it's not like I can make those darn beetles PAY.

And they bump around like my room is an inflatable trampoline. Funny how they seem to love to charge AT MY FACE. Cheeky imps.

Too bad I'm not afraid of them anymore (took me long enough!) and there are two dead beetles under my bed now HOHOHO. That'll teach them to not attack me AND ONLY ME! :D:D

5 minutes  into writing this...........

Oh I can officially proclaim that I don't fear those PESKY STALKERS anymore. But I might have woken up all my family members in the process. Because a 3rd beetle came and I was SO OVERWHELMINGLY ANGRY.

I dropped everything I was doing (literally, which is why I'll need to clear the loose pencils and pieces of paper after relating my ORDEAL) cornered it, smacked it repeatedly, as hard as I could and (I only realised it now, screamed f***k you while hitting it like a lunatic :X)

And then my dad, awakened by the din,  came to my room, calmly picked the dead beetles up, and then.... just as calmly, caught a new one by simply reaching into the air.

But really, I've improved, ok? Because I used give my room up to them and sleep in the balcony.

I have actually lost count of how the death count today. I think it was 4. Or 5.

Blood was shed, and a warrior was born. YOURS TRULY. HAHAHA.

All the excitement has got me exhausted. Shall have an early night today :)

And 4 beetles in a day? It's too much. IT'S A CONSPIRACY AND I REALLY HATE THEM!Huge fuzzy creepy things who keep going for the ATTACK.



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