If Violence Wasn't Illegal

Poor Little Animals :(
I just watched a video (it was 20 minutes long but who the hell can sit through the full video?) of 3 girls kicking and stepping on a puppy and it was yapping away pitifully. I've read the news about girls using stilettos to step on rabbits - but they were either paid or forced to. No demand, no supply. So I would like the money-grubbers and psychopaths to vacate themselves from Earth.

Poor Little Kids :(
Have you seen children begging on the streets in the less developed parts of the world? Do you really believe there are so many blind or limbless orphans in the world? No, obviously they were stolen and blinded/maimed.

Forced Prostitution
Again, no demand, no supply. Some men who visit prostitutes who are OBVIOUSLY being coerced. Seriously, how the FUCK are you able to enjoy yourself knowing that this woman who was possibly snatched from her family is never going home, and is likely to die from abuse, diseases, or drug overdose?

OH AND RAPISTS. How much of a loser can you get, if you have to wait around in some dark corner hoping to get some? Oh, maybe you like the idea of control and power. But damn you. Don't try it on some innocent girl because a frigging rape is going to change her whole life. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF CRAIGSLIST AND THOSE RAPE FANTASY ROLEPLAY THINGS OR DOES THE HEAD ON YOUR SHOULDERS NOT WORK?!?!

Acid Throwers
Why don't you douse yourself in acid and see how you like it?

Because people should be working together to kill those who should die (sorry if this offends you but I firmly believe that some people really need to die in order to make the world a better place) instead.

Less bullies = less depression = less suicide. But then again, a lot of bullies have issues that's why they're such assholes, so perhaps that can be saved so I don't wish for them to die.

Cheat old people's life savings very fun is it. When you old I cheat yours (and donate to charity) you see you like anot.
I especially hate people who try to cheat their own friends' money oh that FRIGGIN happened to me but unlike that bitch, I was too much of a non-loser,  and I saw right through her stupid 'grand' office with even more stupid Animal Head motifs and BMW-Driving people walking around with secret handshakes and muttering cult-ish mantras. Sorry ah. My (pathetic amount of) money not to easy to bluff.

China Wine
Watching 'China Wine' on YouTube makes me angry too. I'm obviously not the only one because wow wow wow , 83% dislikes!!!!

As you can see, I'm in one of my rare foul moods. And while I apparently have this rare magical ability to make people feel better or See The Light (HA I should have my own talkshow), I can't do the same for myself. Anyway I have decided to stop giving a crap because it's becoming a Thing that people expect me to make them to solve their problems but are too busy counting marbles to do the same for me. And it will be better coz HELLO less pessimistic vibes!

The puppy thing was what really set me off.  Why are there so many evil people in the world and why are they still alive? They should not be allowed to exist.


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