I wonder why people like me

Lil ol' me.
Boring. Kinda plain-looking.
And not very funny (except when I'm angry - and I don't even do that on purpose so that doesn't count)

You know, I seldom initiate meet-ups because I think who'd wanna spend time with me? I scared they paiseh to reject and then I don't want to corner them into doing something they don't want HAHAHA I'm such a thoughtful person.

Just now, my friend texted to ask why I've been MIA recently and then I was like *astonished expression* because WOW people actually NOTICE? So when she said "meet up soon! When you free?", I was secretly very surprised and happy but I suggested Friday very casually. HAHAHA. Because you know, Friday = after work = just dinner = a few hours. Less torture for them.

And I really don't know why she suggested Friday in the first place, but then she said "Saturday lah! Saturday better to camwhore leh coz makeup and dress nicer!!!" And then my jaw dropped coz I didn't expect anybody to wanna waste a weekend on me. Or take photos with me.  =X

Oh another thing.

You know I mentioned about going to the Print Centre to see the (magnificent) newspaper printing process? I didn't bother to ask anyone along because I thought everybody would be stuck in their offices. But then this girl I've been in the same class with a few times was there to and naturally, we had a common topic.
I will own a media empire someday! Watch out, Rupert Murdoch bwahahahha
Since we aren't supposed to upload (uber cool) pics/video of the printing process, here's a pic of me in the building of one of the biggest media giants in Singapore. Everybody was like "I've never been to SPH before!! HELP ME TAKE PHOTO!!" I decided to go with the flow even though I've been to all the SPH buildings. It was fun! Like taking a photo at the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty! XD

Okay back to my newfound friend! I thought she was just being civil coz seriously, if I saw me on the street, I wouldn't want to be my friend. She was like "can I sit beside you? I sit ah!" when half the bus was empty and then we ended up gossiping. And then we had dinner together and went to the computer lab to study. And then after that we exchanged numbers in case got to be in the same class in subsequent semesters (she asked, not me, DUH haha I scared ppl don't wanna give me number ;X). And we were like" AWWWW we have no common modules next semester?"

And when I got to class, someone asked me about my day. And then later class started, during break, this other girl who always sits beside me (again, who'd do that?) said "I wanna go buy food leh, go with me!"

I think yesterday was "Make Shu Rin Feel Less Like A Loser Day". Hahaha.
Can't believe I just typed an entire blog post about how pathetic I am. HAHAHA.

And I came home from school to find lots and lots and lots of Chewy Junior, and you can probably guess that I loooooooove Chew Junior just by looking at my overexcited face.

I never knew it's so fun to be likable! Oh well, more like I forgot maybe. Because I spent 4 years as a pathetic closed-up mouse and OMG I LOVE THIS FEELING.


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