Happy Birthday to meeee

Another year of being average yay! I should get an award for being the most ordinary person in the world!!!

And you know what? I was slaving over my Film Art assignment (yes I have a happening life). Had to Google something and then I saw search engine in cake form.

So I was like "wow what a coincidence, today's some special cake day? Did the Birthday Cake get invented on the 13th October or what?"  So I hovered over the page and then it said "Happy Birthday Shu!" What a pleasant surprise! :D:D Like I said, I've got no life. HAHAHAHA.

ANDDDDD if I may.....


I wonder how I'd react if Ellen DeGeneres wished me a happy birthday HAHA. I think I'll be the 20+ version of Sophia Grace.

And here is a pic of how I look like when I'm slaving over assignments. Like a brat HAHAHA. Tomorrow... I'll be going to the print centre to see the entire newspaper printing process! So exciting (for me, at least), can't wait!!

And just for kicks, here's a pic of me trying to wink. Okay, okay. Actually, I was trying to do the dancing eyebrow thing. Point is,  I have no idea how people manage to do things like that.

Oh, and do you have this fear of people trying to guess your age? I do. Because if people tell me something like "ohhhh I think you're 30!"... I will faint. I WILL FAINT.



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