Stupid Things I do.

I was clearing stuff from all my SD Cards when I came across some photos. Last time I super bu yao lian hor hahaha. So many selfies and 80% of the time were from awkward angles. And then I couldn't bear to look at them, so I just put the cards aside and bought new ones for new photos.
At some point, I decided this should end or I'd end up with like, 50 SD cards, and an empty bank account. Thus the decision to grit my teeth and browse/sort out/delete photos. Turns out that it wasn't as bad as I thought.....And this lot is so funny so I thought I'd share hahahahaha.
GOSH what was I trying to do? I don't quite remember what came over me, was I trying to be like, cool or versatile or something? Because I usually prefer the act-cute-until-buyaolian pics. Btw these photos were taken in early 2011, one of the most... trying points of my life so I think I can be excused.

This is me giving a look of distaste haha. It is actually how I look  every time I see Bitchface complaining about her life on Facebook. AWWW I feel so sorry for her. NOT. Because as I'm typing this, she's probably victimising another poor girl. Or bitching very vindictively about how ugly Jessica Alba/Miranda Kerr/Dianna Agron/you get the point is. Or describing some poor stranger's hair/clothes/whatever meanly. Or bitching about unmarried people. That woman really needs to get a life.
Looking back I think I did sound/write like a lunatic. I'll be very, very busy this month with schoolwork, but I'll be back to upload funny photos hahahahahah.

Till then, hope everyone's feeling fabulous, and if it's one thing I learnt from that horrible 3 years of horribly crushed self-image, it's never to let people who don't matter dictate your life. You know, sometimes people love putting others down because deep down, they are the saddest, loneliest, insecure people. Somehow, putting others down make them feel better. Now, we don't want to give awful people that, do we? Just let them go on and on and on and on make big fat fools of themselves. You just stay awesome!

Oh, and this is how I got that photo. From a random thumbnail. Hope I'm getting a bit better at speaking and articulating myself because IT'S GOING TO BE 2014 SOON!

Ok bye for real now!! Anyway, in case anyone's wondering, I think I'm (it's about time, huh?) over this being pressured by BitchFace situation thing. Because I bumped into a friend last week, and I recognised  the signs (that she was kinda going through what I was) and was able to offer advice when usually I'd have been like OMG WHY AM I EVEN ALIVE. WHY WAS I EVER BORN. I HATE MYSELF I WILL NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING :(:(:(



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