Sometimes when I go shopping

You know, here in Singapore, it's not everyday that we don't see a loooong queue for the fitting room. And what's better than two fitting rooms, side-by-side, with no fellow shoppers outside (with imaginary accusing expressions) pressuring us to try with haste?

There you have it. Luck. One fine day in a magically non-crowded store. Ah, nothing beats the luxury of time. I have this habit of taking photos (when no signs say No Photos Allowed, duh) when I can't buy something. At least I can look at them :D

I was (what's new) telling my friend that I wanted to try a new style, and she suggested layering. Saw some cardigans on sale, so we decided to grab some tops. And since these tops look kinda nice and I never ever wear sleeveless tops in public, PICTURE TIME!! And yes, I know the black bra is a bit... but I didn't foresee trying on a translucent shirt!
So we experimented with these. I never say nice ah, I say experiment! So no smart-ass remarks please. Estimated my size wrongly, hahaha. Obviously. *scrutinises 3rd pic*
Ooooh this one. I would have bought it if it didn't cost $39. It's laid-back, comfy, cute, plain and yet not boring... I could go on and on and on.
Spent about 20 minutes pondering over  this pair of shorts. I already own quite a few pairs, but it's not easy for  me to find shorts that fit. Pains of having a massive butt. At this point, I was thinking against buying it, hence the "Remembrance Snapshot".
Ended up succumbing to the big blue stars and bought it hahahaha. But later realised  it was too short. And besides, when I sit down, my thighs make up the 8th continent.
Note to self: when buying shorts next time, pretend to sit down.

And whooooo I got a tattoo! Just a tiny one, what I've always wanted! Nah kidding. As pretty as it is, I don't think I'll ever get a tattoo because what am I gonna do if I get tired of it?

Oh, another picture for  my Virtual Scrapbook. These come in Gold and Silver. Couldn't decide which one to get, so I decided on neither. Wow wow wow, this virtual scrapbooking idea can sure save me lots of money. The only problem is, not all places allow photo-taking!

And for a second time this month, I found brand new makeup testers! Am I lucky or what :D
But no, I chiong-ed to buy TOTO but never win sian. Felt so good trying  brand new ones even though it's just on the hand. Unbelievably smooth and I just KNOW they won't be drying! All the shades are so wearable and I feel some affinity with the orange one omgggggg. AND THEY GLIDE ON EFFORTLESSLY Was so tempted to get em all there and then, but I've got another 10+ at home so... Must Not Waste Must Not Waste.

And you know what hahaha. It's 12am now and my mum woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. So she came to my room. And before that I had my usual Paranoia Over Impending Insect Attack episode, so I sprang out of bed coz I thought a ginormous beetle was gonna come get me. And then she commented about my 'shock', and now I feel guilty and self-conscious for no reason. Is it me or does she sound suspicious?
OMG maybe it's because I was watching The Bachelor haha. But then again. Nothing wrong with that, right? I mean, it's just a (perhaps scripted) TV program about beautiful people falling deeply in love with multiple people at the same time and getting engaged within 6 weeks, and 24 'oh-I-am-so-confused people" crying over 'broken hearts'.

Oh, as cynical as I sound now,

d@mn, this program, as brain-cell decaying as some say it is, is addictive. The power of the entertainment industry. Brilliant. No wonder they make so much money each year.

Oh, and because I am (kinda) pokng fun at others, I should be fair and poke fun at myself too. Here are two photos my friend secretly took of me when I was taking photos of myself. #sefieception HAHA


Furree Katt said…
You're sooo pretty! I barely ever take pictures of myself in dressing rooms (but that's because I barely go shopping)... Love the starry shorts. Your temporary tattoo is really cool. Stars are a pretty safe and non-controversial option (Talking about the tattoo here, haha)!
ShuShu said…
And you are always so nice! Especially this time when half of my face is covered in pretty much all the photos hahaah <3
Yes, if I had a tattoo I'd want tiny stars! Too bad this stamp on tattoo isn't waterproof because it was really cheap! And I bet you can go shopping a lot more now since you are back in the UAE! :)
Rachel said…
I like your taste in clothing :D

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