One Good Turn Deserves Another

I know that isn't true in real life, but I just like to dream.
On the bus watching people kick/trip over this stick and wondering how long it'd take for someone to move it aside #didnthappen #stupidhumans #sodifficultmeh

I've got this habit of picking up plastic or pieces of paper on the street because I'm afraid that if I don't, somebody will slip and fall. Sometimes when I do that, people will tell me "Why did you do that? It's not like anybody else will do the same. Nobody cares."

But you know, when I think back to the times I've done little things like that and I'm thinking.... I could have saved a life haahaha!  Like... what if I didn't pick up that plastic bag and a cute little old lady stepped on it, fell backwards, and hit her head? :(

But my friends/family are right. NOBODY IS AS STUPID AS ME. Because 90% of the world are so freaking self-centred. They won't do sh*t to help others, but when sh*t happens to them they complain till the cows, pigs, giraffes, and polar bears come home.

But you know what? I still choose to be stupid because 10% of decent humans still give me hope and I don't mind doing things if there's a chance that it will help them. So the 90% of the self-centred idiots are just very tapping on the 10%'s good deserves. Cheapskate leeches. Hahaha.

Every now and then I am half-inclined to stop giving a crap. But then somebody will do little nice things like helping me with heavy doors with big smiles and then I'll be like, 'awwwww so nice ok lah I'll be nice too!"

I WILL BE THE BIGGER PERSON. Because if I am selfish to selfish idiots, the cycle will continue for sure. But if I am nice (albeit reluctantly), maybe they will gradually become nice too and it will spread!

Hahaha who am I kidding.

Anyway,  they are not worth thinking about, that's why I'm thinking of the good people in my life instead!!! Come to think of it, as much as the suckiest part of life is having to depend on others sometimes, I have a lot of people who like me and I like them back. So thank you :)

And the picking up trash thing is just an example, the only thing I can think of right now. Hey, I never said I was anything better than average, right? I don't know why I am such an insignificant human being but at least I am not totally useless. The only thing I can do to help the world is to pick up trash but well THERE IS NO GOOD DEED TOO SMALL and if it makes ME happy then it's my business. Ever heard of the butterfly effect?

Oh, I'm wondering how many selfish idiots slipped on plastic bags today. And I hope my friends and all the nice people in the world have sweet dreams tonight every night!! ^^

There are times I wanna become rich and powerful and be only nice to nice people and when selfish people beg for help I'll be like "Oh please!"
Especially people with very vixen-ish eyes hmphhhh.


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