My Hair Obsession

I am supposed to be watching my lecture recording now. But all I'm doing is having these random thoughts, and looking at my hair and back view on video. And yes, I definitely need a haircut. It's a bit too long and layered.  I KNOW it'd look good shorter.


Because I sat right in front of the camera on purpose, so that I could see how my hair looks like from the back, when they upload the lecture recordings. Thoughts like these are going though my mind now:

"OMG that's an irritating stray lock of hair"
"Hmmm.. maybe a short bob will look better."
"Is my hair too layered? That girl beside has less layered hair and I think that'd work for me."
"Ok maybe this is what I should do in future. Sweep my hair to the side".
"And while I sweep it to one side, must make sure I don't leave like one lock of my hair at the back. Because somebody's gonna find it irritating and snip it off when I'm not paying attention.
"Oh my I really wanna stretch my arm into the screen and snip that mass of too-long hair off"

So I took some pretend-short hair photos. Some people I've asked think I look better with longer hair. I don't know if it's because they are used to it or what, but I think shorter hair would be a refreshing change not to mention it would literally take a huge load off my shoulders hahaha.

Short, longer, longest. I tried to keep all the variable constant (oh gosh I HATE that module!)

So yep, these are the photos just for kicks. I'm going to cut my hair no matter what people say, because people have contrasting views and there is only one me (thankfully for the phantom me because looking like me isn't really something worth celebrating hahaha)

Do you know how many photos I took that day before I came to a decision about cutting my hair? Btw I took these two months ago and I'm still struggling HAHAHA.
Here you go. Yes I know I'm terrible. And this is not counting the horrible ones I deleted. AND the ones on my phone. AND the ones in my other camera.  I don't know why some of my friends tell me "I wish I could be as calm and decisive as you."
At this point, I've deleted another 90% of the photos I took. They all look similar anyway. HAHA. And I also took away those that will give Little-Miss-Is-She-Even-My-Friend-and- can-she-stop-comparing-every-aspect-of-our-lives-and-trying-to-trump-me a chance to spew vomit about my big face and her small face. Which FYI she is delusional about.

And girls, if you really want to compete, pick people of higher calibres to compete with, and not lil old me! Aim higher, strive further :D

Anyway, I have adopted a Don't Care Attitude with The Bitchfaces and Is-She-My-Friend-Or-Nots of the world. I just don't want to give them the pleasure of making themselves feel better HAHAHA.


Rachel said…
I like your haircut :)
ShuShu said…
hahaha thank you, I just cut it for real this time ( the ones in this blog were just prentend :P)

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