Lucky oh I'm so Lucky

So you know for the first time in 4 years I've been 'free-er' than usual. This Saturday there was a free giveaway for some branded clutch for the first 800 readers of a female magazine and GUESS WHO WENT?!?!?!

I haven't had the time to take a good pic yet but here's a quick shot (it really looks a lot better in real life)

Me, duh. And it's such a pretty clutch! Genuine leather, too, smells absolutely divine (though I am really very sorry if any animals were hurt, ok). And I only had to queue for less than 30 minutes because it was a working day. Anyway, I was far from bored because the women/girls around me were very chatty. It's funny how easily people can make friends when they common topics haha.

And I said I was lucky becauseeeeeeeeeee. Okay you see, there were 4 colours and I really really liked the fuchsia one. But the clutches were given out randomly so I only had a 25% chance of getting one so I was like... awwwwww not so lucky one lah.


Oh and the second thing. I'm studying Film Art this semester. Which obviously means I'll need to analyse some films. And the very, very kiasu person I am, I just HAD to get the films and watch them over and over and over again. I could get them from the library, but the loan period's just two weeks. The films I was looking for are really old so I really didn't expect to have an easy time purchasing one.

I don't know how and when and why, but I just.... got them. And cheap. I don't want to bore you with explanations, but THE ODDS ARE LIKE 1 OUT OF 1000. Because it's not like we get to study easy obtainable films like The Hunger Games or Harry Potter.

I finally got the payment for my write-ups that I have been (to put it politely) 'following up with' for so long that I almost gave up. :D

I've been having problems thinking about a thesis topic, and was feeling horrible because of the looming deadline. My mind was blank and I was feeling so very hopeless.

But The Bachelor may not be as brain-decaying as people say because......  I'M OFFICIALLY GIVEN THE GREEN LIGHT TO START ON A THESIS ON REALITY TV HELLO HOW COOL IS THAT. :D

I just hope I'm lucky enough to pass this because I really want to graduate as soon as possible :(

So the deadline's next week, and since I've FINALLY got a topic to start on, I headed to the library to borrow some books. The books I need are scattered all over Singapore, and  I'd be wasting a lot of time if I travelled everywhere to get them But guess what, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET THEM IN TWO DAYS BECAUSE THE SYSTEM WORKS LIKE THIS.

I really hope there won't be any hiccups because I want to get the best grade I can.

I don't know who I should thank, but thank you thank you thank you :)



Lois C. Howard said…
You can have Lucky as your nickname for all the luck experiences you've encountered. With regard to your thesis topic, I'm sure a lot of students can identify with you. It's really hard to decide on a great thesis ideas. Wishing you all the luck on that too.
Anonymous said…
You should lend me some of that luck, I certainly need some!
ShuShu said…
I'll be pass on some, if I know who you are! hahaa :D

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