Half Asleep So This May Not Make Sense

I sitting on a swing.
Swinging, swinging  higher and higher. Then I saw a magnificient waterfall. Massive. Think Niagara Falls.
And at the side were man-made waterfalls.
And for the first time in life, I wasn't afraid of the swinging.
And I don't usually remember dreams even immediately after. Hmmm..
Or maybe I was down the waterfall, and on the other side it was a beach.
I jumped off the swing even though, you know, under normal circumstances that would have been suicide.
But no, I landed gracefully. (Edit: HAHA SHOULD HAVE ALREADY GUESSED IT WAS A DREAM)
And one of my friends was in a shelter thing and pulling a lever... Hope I make sense to myself tomorrow morning or waking up is a stupid waste

As I'm editing the (nauseating/disgusting/horrible) grammatical and spelling errors now, I don't quite remember this. And as much as it must have made perfect sense In my half-asleep state, it doesn't now. And to think, I actually made the effort to half-wake up for this


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