Never noticed how pretty clouds were until...

Until they were gone. Covered, shrouded, chased away by that darn haze.

Have you ever look, like really looked at the clouds? How white, fluffy they are, and how, sometimes, with the right winds, formations, and imagination, you can make them out to look like anything, from a castle, dragon, anything, really? When I was little, I imagined little kingdoms on each large cloud. And the people of each Cloud World could 'drive' wherever they wanted, like caravans in a circus, just that they were up in the sky.

I used to do that as a kid, and as I grew older, I grew immune to the little things in life that are worth appreciating.

And then that !@&##( week came where there were no signs of even a BIT of cloud. You probably wouldn't understand, but life without clouds is depressing. Not to mention creepy. Like living in some dimension, separated from the outside world. HAHA. There I go with my trillion movie analogies again.

But really. You wouldn't want that happening to you. That said, I want the irresponsible and money-faced culprits to live like that in the Afterlife. With fire surrounding them HOHOHO. Since they love fire and disaster so much, but poor things, probably forced to be livin' the life in the Maldives or beach house in Miami beach while their fellow countrymen suffered in the intense heat and air pollution. I was being sarcastic, in case you didn't get it.

Anyway, life is short, so forget about those annoying twats. Because the clouds came back, and so did our still-polluted-but-at-least-no-expected-influx-at-emergency-rooms air. And you guessed, it, so did the posts on Instagram, all gushing about how pretty the clouds were (guilty!), when the clouds WERE ALWAYS THERE.

I think humans tend to complain a lot, there are a lot of things we take for granted. You should see the comments about NDP. Like, tissue paper. Flushing systems. Combs. Windows. I could probably name thousands more. We'll only realise how precious some things are when they're taken away. And this is a very depressing topic.

So I was going all trigger happy with my camera in the OMG LOOK, MA, CLOUDS phase, but deleted most of them because they were either blurred or crooked. I am easily excitable. HAHAHA.
So I am going to sleep now, and be thankful for my bed, pillow, bolster, and soft toys. YOU SHOULD TOO. :D
OH AND WE CELEBRATED NATIONAL DAY WITH CLOUDS AND (ALMOST) NO HAZE WOOHOOO! We expected to be shrouded in that evil, foul air till September, but HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SINGAPORE. Won't let nobody get us down!!! :)


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