I may not be happy about some aspects of my life, for example My Jackie Chan nose, but sometimes I don't know what I did to get such awesome neighbours opposite. So incredibly fortunate.  Their parents are nice too. But the kids. OMG the kids. There's a 7-year old boy, a 4 year old girl, and a toddler. And we've been neighbours for about 3 years.

The 7-year old is a classic example of the oldest brother. Serious, polite AND STILL VERY ADORABLE. The 4-year old girl is the one who broke the ice. When she moved in, she just learnt how to walk. And she would PEER out of the gates all the time, and try to squeeze her chubby cheeks through the gates.

I don't know why, but every time she saw us, she just HAD to go 'BYE BYE, BYE BYE, BYE BYE'. She could go on for minutes. Sometimes, her parents leave their door open, and she'll come running (very wobbly) when she hears us leaving/coming home and wave and BYE BYE frantically.

Very  active and mischievous kid. Poor girl always got reprimanded for running and climbing around hahaha. And she'd cry when being scolded, and when she saw us she'd put her crying on 'Pause' and go "B..bye... *sniff* bye bye *sniff*And the toddler. OMG the toddler. Always wandering around, staring at everything in wonder, and smiling, smiling, smiling.

Sometime when I come home, and they're outside, they'll come running over and scream "HIIIIIIIIII" and wave frantically. The toddler hasn't gained full control of his limbs yet, so the 4-year old will grab his arm to wave at me and scream "HIIIIII!" And he'll smile sweetly. Oh, yesterday, he shook hands with my dad. Then he smiled and toddled away.

I don't know why, the two older kids love to show me their new stuff, like cards, glasses, Wii, hairband. Sometimes they tell me where they're going. Sometimes they tell me where their mum is. Very random, really. They especially love to tell me their baby brother's name. There was a period of time they would sing and dance when they saw me. HAHAHA.

Only babies can like me so much.
Even the #nomakeup me. Kids really don't judge.

Oh and I have a not-so-nice neighbour too. My void deck is scattered with kitty food, animal poo, and also some potential mosquito breeding tins filled with water. Just when we're having dengue outbreak zzzzzz. Sometimes, people throw food down and we get surrounded by pigeons (and bird shit). It's gotten so bad that many (I assume) people complained the authorities have started installing cameras to monitor our block. Oh, all they're gonna see is a woman running around and shouting "BABY! MUMMY'S HERE! MUMMY'S GOT A PRESENT FOR YOU!".

Oh, not to mention my fat face and thighs.


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