Last week in Snapshots

Hello. So you know, I'm trying to get my life back on track. While I haven't been like one of the bullet trains in Japan going at a gazillion trillion miles per hour, I'm doing better. Though I still dilly dally - a habit more like a sin, and very difficult to kick.

And because I'm never satisfied with how I look, I put in he heart-shape because as usual, my my lips look like some half-baked doctor went overboard with the (non-existent) fillers.

Firstly, I've written and sent all the letters I owe, including the one to myself. The fun thing is, I completely forgot what I wrote to myself, so I'll have something entertaining to read, 10 years down the road. And I hope by then, people who say things like "No time!' get soooooo green with envy. Because seriously, 'no time' is bull.  It's hilarious) because I happen to know that those people dilly dally more than I do. Besides, it only takes 10 minutes to write a letter. Very worth it :)

Found an old colouring book. Because I'm making the effort to accomplish so much, I figured I deserve a bit of fun. Only, people grow up, and colouring books, as adorable as they are, aren't that fun as they were 10 years ago. And you know what? I actually did a better job at colouring when I was 8.

These days, I try to go on long-ish walks. Because if I want to have a better quality of life, I figured I'll go holistic. And because I'm the kind of girls who pays attention to details (everything and everyone deserves to be noticed), I saw this. Half of a butterfly. Torn. I wonder where the other half went. Pretty wings.

And I've picked up a new interest. Well since I won a good camera and didn't sell it, I might as well see it as a sign and make full use of it. I'm just reading up on terms and stuff - just as an interest, and not ambition/profession, so none of you need to scrutinise my future photos. You'll only be wasting your time.

And the music one, it' like a refresher course. Hey, I used to be good, ok? I got invited to join the school band, so I couldn't have been that bad! And whatever note the teachers played, I knew exactly which. I had piano lessons for a few years, but it was only a matter of time before I realised that I couldn't get away with simply playing by heart without looking at the score. Darn the scales and theory work, I quit. And I have no idea why I'm making myself go through the agony again. HAHAHA.

And because I'm delusional, I'd like to pretend that this book was dedicated to me. Just a teeny weeny typo, easily overlooked.  :)


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