I was THIS close to striking lottery jackpot!!


I don't know what I am doing here, but I do know that I'm supposed to be watching my recorded lecture (without pausing and toggling back and forth to scrutinise my hair and back view), and then getting started on my assignment. Because Heaven knows I need to pull my grades up. Not that they suck now, but I just want them to be the best they can be.

And I really don't know how I managed to breathe the past 2 years of full-time work and night classes. 

Back to the reason I'm here, you gotta admit, some modules are pretty dry. Not to mention inapplicable to real life. Why can't we have more modules like Media Relations, Feature Writing, and Public Affairs Reporting (and anything to do with writing, actually)? Then I can be the Scholar of The Year hahahahahaha.

Which I won't because I have never been the best at anything. Unless you count being the best at tripping over flat surfaces. Or Most Of Tune Voice. I am so unbeatable I could have my own show and be famous. I mean, people watch the most ridiculous TV programmes nowadays, right? Just look at Toddlers and Tiaras and Honey Boo Boo.  Hahahaha.

Oh, and it's been a dry period, but I won something today! :D I won a $50 shopping voucher, and after that, I pestered my friend April to join the contest. I read my messages again and I sounded rather psychotic. Considering that I gained nothing if she won hahaha.






There you have it. I'm a crazy friend.

And I think I may really be crazy. I saw someone drop his lottery ticket some time back. And I picked it up and ran after him to return it. I think I might have even said "No problem, good luck" when he thanked me. Damn. I wonder if it was a winning ticket. Hahahaha.

And last week, I was this close to riches. Well, semi riches. I swear, the odds of this happening are almost the same as winning, so why oh why tell me why not me!!!
Not that I condone gambling, but look at the $1, I'm hardly a gambling addict!

Sometimes I type 'hahahahahahhahaha' and then go back to delete half of it.


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