My Neighbour's Kids P2

Hello! It's mid-week! The weekend's not too far away! Yes! :D

In case you haven't already realised, I absolutely adoreeeee my neighbour's kids.

Remember the toddler? He doesn't even know how to talk, and he's always walking around to stare at everything. My father was outside my place cleaning his bicycle, and the tiny toddler just walked  up to my dad, stared with his round curious eyes, and gave an adorable toothless grin!

Then my dad went back home and locked our gates, but didn't shut the door. The toddler walked up to our door, and held on to the metal grates and peered into our living room.

Do you know, his 4 year old sister used to do the same thing?  She would squeeze her cheeks between the metal grates hahahaha.

And then he stretched his little arms into our house to shake hands with my dad. So my dad played along. Then his sister came out of their house.  And she didn't want to lose lololol. She too chioooong-ed to shake hands with my dad with a huge smile. My dad macham VIP hahaha.

Kids. They really do the cutest things. And usually, people don't really find my dad and I approachable coz we don't smile 24/7.

There you have it.  Another wordy post without photos because I am lazy like that! Oh I'm sorry if you have to read my blog because just now, I wanted to read what I've written this year, and I was like bla bla bla blabpperty bla. Darn, even I think I'm boring. This is not good.


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