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My Neighbour's Kids P2

Hello! It's mid-week! The weekend's not too far away! Yes! :D

In case you haven't already realised, I absolutely adoreeeee my neighbour's kids.

Remember the toddler? He doesn't even know how to talk, and he's always walking around to stare at everything. My father was outside my place cleaning his bicycle, and the tiny toddler just walked  up to my dad, stared with his round curious eyes, and gave an adorable toothless grin!

Then my dad went back home and locked our gates, but didn't shut the door. The toddler walked up to our door, and held on to the metal grates and peered into our living room.

Do you know, his 4 year old sister used to do the same thing?  She would squeeze her cheeks between the metal grates hahahaha.

And then he stretched his little arms into our house to shake hands with my dad. So my dad played along. Then his sister came out of their house.  And she didn't want to lose lololol. She too chioooo…

I was THIS close to striking lottery jackpot!!


I don't know what I am doing here, but I do know that I'm supposed to be watching my recorded lecture (without pausing and toggling back and forth to scrutinise my hair and back view), and then getting started on my assignment. Because Heaven knows I need to pull my grades up. Not that they suck now, but I just want them to be the best they can be.

And I really don't know how I managed to breathe the past 2 years of full-time work and night classes. 

Back to the reason I'm here, you gotta admit, some modules are pretty dry. Not to mention inapplicable to real life. Why can't we have more modules like Media Relations, Feature Writing, and Public Affairs Reporting (and anything to do with writing, actually)? Then I can be the Scholar of The Year hahahahahaha.

Which I won't because I have never been the best at anything. Unless you count being the best at tripping over flat surfaces. Or Most Of Tune Voice. I am so unbeatable I could have my own show and be …

Living in Fear Every Single Day

I don't mean to be melodramatic, but I live in fear, every single day. From insects, I mean. Creepy crawlies, usually beetles, moths, lizards, and sometimes cockroaches. I mean, I could take a piece of tissue paper out of the box, and a lizard could spring right out. Lizards like dark places, right? It could be resting on the soft, smooth, first layer of tissue paper and when you take it out..... BWARHHHH ATTACK!!!!!!

Or, I could take a storybook from my shelf and a lizard could fall on my face.

Maybe, a beetle could just come charging at me when I'm holding hot tea.

I am now frantically (and fine, irrationally)  Googling things like "How to seem unattractive to lizards", "How to repel cockroaches". On a quest  to make my room as unappealing to them as possible!

But really, this is a never-ending battle, but I WILL FIGHT ON.

And what brought about this post? A lizard in one of my cabinets. I slammed the door shut immediately, and all can think of now is it com…


You know, I always say that nobody is ugly. I actually mean, nobody except for me lah. And then I get all worked up when Bitchface goes around calling everybody (even cover models) ugly because the word 'ugly' is very sensitive. And then I imagine her talking about me. Though I reckon she doesn't because I treat her decently and I'm not worth her time anyway. HAHA.

Don't even tell me "LOOK AT *so-and-so* who is worse off* because this is MY blog and I am talking about MY appearance and this is MY tirade to perform to vent MY frustration.

I realise there has to be some kind of hierarchy in the world, and everyone is meant to be talented at something unique (but you gotta admit, being talented at being pretty is kinda lame). BUT I'M NOT GREEDY. NOT DEMANDING TO BE A RAVISHING BEAUTY. Can't all humans at least get to look.. pleasant?

And the survey I just did. I was just trying to be helpful and then they asked "what is the favourite part of yourse…

Never noticed how pretty clouds were until...

Until they were gone. Covered, shrouded, chased away by that darn haze.

Have you ever look, like really looked at the clouds? How white, fluffy they are, and how, sometimes, with the right winds, formations, and imagination, you can make them out to look like anything, from a castle, dragon, anything, really? When I was little, I imagined little kingdoms on each large cloud. And the people of each Cloud World could 'drive' wherever they wanted, like caravans in a circus, just that they were up in the sky.

I used to do that as a kid, and as I grew older, I grew immune to the little things in life that are worth appreciating.

And then that !@&##( week came where there were no signs of even a BIT of cloud. You probably wouldn't understand, but life without clouds is depressing. Not to mention creepy. Like living in some dimension, separated from the outside world. HAHA. There I go with my trillion movie analogies again.

But really. You wouldn't want that happening t…


I may not be happy about some aspects of my life, for example My Jackie Chan nose, but sometimes I don't know what I did to get such awesome neighbours opposite. So incredibly fortunate.  Their parents are nice too. But the kids. OMG the kids. There's a 7-year old boy, a 4 year old girl, and a toddler. And we've been neighbours for about 3 years.

The 7-year old is a classic example of the oldest brother. Serious, polite AND STILL VERY ADORABLE. The 4-year old girl is the one who broke the ice. When she moved in, she just learnt how to walk. And she would PEER out of the gates all the time, and try to squeeze her chubby cheeks through the gates.

I don't know why, but every time she saw us, she just HAD to go 'BYE BYE, BYE BYE, BYE BYE'. She could go on for minutes. Sometimes, her parents leave their door open, and she'll come running (very wobbly) when she hears us leaving/coming home and wave and BYE BYE frantically.

Very  active and mischievous kid. Poor …

Last week in Snapshots

Hello. So you know, I'm trying to get my life back on track. While I haven't been like one of the bullet trains in Japan going at a gazillion trillion miles per hour, I'm doing better. Though I still dilly dally - a habit more like a sin, and very difficult to kick.

And because I'm never satisfied with how I look, I put in he heart-shape because as usual, my my lips look like some half-baked doctor went overboard with the (non-existent) fillers.

Firstly, I've written and sent all the letters I owe, including the one to myself. The fun thing is, I completely forgot what I wrote to myself, so I'll have something entertaining to read, 10 years down the road. And I hope by then, people who say things like "No time!' get soooooo green with envy. Because seriously, 'no time' is bull.  It's hilarious) because I happen to know that those people dilly dally more than I do. Besides, it only takes 10 minutes to write a letter. Very worth it :)

Found an o…