Googling-Imaging Myself

Do you know, many employers look you up online, prior to an interview, or even upon receiving your resume? I'm not sure how far that's true, but I read that in some Human Resource Magazine, so that must be pretty credible (yay journalists!). Not that it's the perfect gauge of character.

And you know how you should always keep tabs on your online persona, because they change from time to time? So, I decided to do a Google Search on myself, and I am boring with a capital B. In a good way with a Capital G.

Here are some Google Images that came up! As you can see, I love selfies, food, places of interests in Singapore, the beach, and soft toys. One thing you'll never see, is photos of me at marathons (well, in my case, walkathons), because I look..... hahahaha.


Actually, I'm not quite sure what all these pictures say about me. Anyway, to judge me solely based on these would be highly inaccurate:

I've painstakingly taken some photography-like pictures after painstakingly reading up online, in books and magazines. I seldom upload photos of my friends because most of them tend to go:  "Eeeeeeee omg I look so ugly here"! I've never uploaded photos of my family members because they are the biggest social media skeptics I know.

Now, Google Image yourself already!


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