You know what, I just found my friend's Doppelgänger. The two girls look so alike that April and I couldn't decide if it was her, even after a loooooong discussion. Same hairstyle (slightly different length), makeup, similar style of dressing, same pose, even. The only reason we thought it may not be her was because our friend doesn't club.

I even analysed her hair, clothes, and dug up last week's photos just to check for similar accessories. #stalkermuch. It bothered me so much I decided to just text her for an answer. Hahaha.

Apparently, everybody has a Doppelgänger. Wouldn't it be cool, to meet someone who looks exactly, or almost exactly like you? Ok let me answer my own question. I think it'd be soooooooo cool. But then again, maybe not, because I'll feel sorry for her (or us) because we're such... Plain Janes.

And darn it, I just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and I think my Doppelgänger may just be a 'he'. FML. Sorry for those who hate it when people say 'FML', but I just thought it's a good punchline.

Ok that's all for today. Would you like to meet your Doppelganger? If you did, what would you say to him/her?

Then again, maybe I HAVE found mine, because according to some people (since I was 17) I look like them:

And here are some photos for your kind comparison. Hahaha. One serious from 2 years ago (which I just pulled off Google), one smiley from last week.




Furree Katt said…
Anonymous said…
I work with my friends doppelganger, I call him DoppelTony or sometimes NegaTony since doppelganger are general like an evil twin. Tony is the evil twin, however. So suffice to say he is a pleasant guy.
ShuShu said…
Thank you Furree! And I'm glad you're back! Both on Blogger and the UAE!! <3

Hi Tyler (well I hope I'm assuming right, if not, I'm sorry and I hope we'll be friends!)

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