Just a short post to make this a very depressing space. Because I just watched a very depressing and tragic (to the point of funny) drama, and I guessed it passed the germs on to me.

And I know I've been at this point in life, because I just KNOW I've typed this before.

And from I haven't worked hard on ANYTHING since June. And it's almost the end of July now, which makes it 2 months. And I don't have much classes in August, which will make it 3 months. 3 months couldn't have gotten me a job, but could have gotten me an internship.

And all I've been doing is.... actually, I don't even know. Reading storybooks? Lying in bed messing with my phone? Scrolling trhough my Facebook newsfeed aimlesslyPlaying computer games?

I cannot believe I wasted so much time. If I could turn the clock back to May, I would have applied for an internship. Gotten some basic editorial experience. Made full use of my time from June to August. 

Also wanted to accomplish some other things but I really don't know what got over me, this is SO NOT ME. 
OMG. I need to get my life on track and its starts.... NOW. And here's the rest of my thoughts - wrote them in a letter to myself.

And now, I've cleaned my makeup brushes. written letters to my friends, threading my brows tomorrow, and also going to the bookstore to browse magazines. That's a hell lot of accomplishment, compared to what I've been doing (or not) the past few weeks.

YES I'M BACK IN ACTION! To infinity and beyondddddd!! :D


Anonymous said…
Never let fear or insecurities sway your convictions. Even if you don't succeed you just might find something new and special. I was once told to always shoot for the stars and grab for the moon because the worst that could happen is you'll find yourself on the roof.
ishashime said…
good for you!! lets hope this continues! :)

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